How to make the infrared heater

How to make the infrared heater

Infrared heaters are very popular now. The increased demand for this kind of heating devices is explained by their profitability, the electric power is not spent empty.

It is required to you

  • - electric heating element;
  • - reflector.


1. To make the similar device, it is necessary to understand how heat is transferred in infrared heaters. Infrared radiation is such way of transfer of heat at which energy is transferred to the warmed body, passing air and liquid. At the same time the cleaner air, that is, is less in it than dust, the more intensively there will be heat exchange.

2. The operation principle of the infrared heater is simple: the heated body (we will call its source of heat) by means of the reflector sends IK-radiation to the necessary direction.

3. Correctly pick up the reflector as not each material is capable to reflect infrared beams. It will help to make the next experiment: take piece of aluminum foil and bring it to cheek: already through time you will feel heat. The cheek in this experiment will act as source of thermal radiation. As aluminum foil practically does not pass infrared radiation and at the same time it does not absorb it, all heat radiated by cheek will be reflected from the surface of the aluminum reflector and will return to cheek: for this reason you will feel warm stream.

4. Establish small piece of aluminum foil for normal heating radiator, and you will feel lung, heat pleasant to body, infrared waves will not be how earlier to be absorbed by wall, and will begin to be reflected from the aluminum reflector and to go to your party.

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