How to make the most wardrobe

How to make the most wardrobe

The hall the most loaded place in the house. The coat, shoes and other things, demand a lot of place, and it would be good to hide them somewhere. Combined wardrobe rooms, one of the most successful solutions of this problem today.


1. Measure place dimensions for storage of things, width, height and depth. Decide what exactly will be stored here. Then order sliding doors and internal components.

2. Begin with fastening of the side panel to ceiling and wall by means of corner and screws. Arrange the bearing rail at desirable height, all design will keep on it. Twirl the screw in the central opening, make sure that the central rail is located vertically. Then, strong tighten all screws of the bearing rail. The type of the required screws will depend on wall material type.

3. When planning various options of placement of internal compartments and sliding doors, it will be necessary to consider in what place of door to come one for another to facilitate access to the stored things.

4. Attach hinged guides to the bearing rail. After that, insert into hinged guides brackets at the necessary height. Place guides at desirable distance from each other. Establish sliding frame for baskets on brackets and accurately press down to click. Then place baskets in frame. It is very simple to establish the trellised shelf on brackets. Attach decorative pad to outer end of bracket.

5. Establish holders of clothes bars on bracket and fix in them clothes bar. Besides there are many useful devices, for example hooks which it is possible to arrange under the trellised shelf.

6. Sliding doors are made on the measurements of height and width provided by you therefore it is easy to establish them. Fix by screws head rail. Unroll double-sided adhesive tape and paste it one party to the lower rail. Do not remove protective layer on the other side of the gluing tape, temporarily postpone the lower rail. Insert door into back runner of the lower rail and level it vertically. By means of pencil, plan the location of the lower rail on floor and put door aside. Remove protective layer from adhesive tape and paste the lower rail to floor. Adjust wheels. Well, here the wardrobe system is installed.

7. All design is easily mounted. Such systems are strong and durable, they can easily be modified, for example the clothes bar can be lifted as your children grow up and their clothes become longer. Wardrobe systems this functional and adapted decision which your family will enjoy for many years.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team