How to make the well

How to make the well

For watering of the garden site or providing country house with quality water it is necessary to drill the well. Not to face problems, it is necessary to know features of drilling and to approach competently work performance.

It is required to you

  • - drill;
  • - boring bars;
  • - casing pipes;
  • - rope;
  • - bailer;
  • - metal gauze;
  • - gin block;
  • - fine gravel;
  • - coarse sand.


1. Define well type. Major factors for its choice is the purpose, final diameter and hydrogeological conditions. How the extracted moisture will begin to be used, drilling depth depends. If your purposes are limited to use of water during summer season, do the small "well on sand". It reaches sand water-bearing layer on depth of 20-30 m and gives about 800 l of water an hour that it is enough for watering of kitchen garden and irrigation.

2. Choose way of drilling. For extraction of superficial water use one of well-drilling methods: shock and rope or rotary. The first method will require the winch and drive glass - pipe with cutting edge in the lower part, for the second - small set of hand tools. If you are limited in means, drill the well in the rotary way - it less costly and will demand the help only of two people.

3. Pick up drill type. Depending on the structure of soil it is possible to apply drill spoon and spiral drill. If it is necessary to pass loams or wet sand, take drill spoon. For works on the site with pure clay or clay with impurity of gravel use spiral drill (coil) – it cuts out soil as big drill.

4. Dig hole in the designated place and establish tower. Take into account that it has to be located above the ground at distance not less than length of one boring bar. Collect boring column. At first it consists of one bar and the drill attached to it.

5. Lower the device vertically to the earth and begin to rotate it. Pass deep into at the drill length (50–70 cm), get column and clean drill from sticking. If the coil difficult leaves the well, reduce amount of the taken soil, reducing way of passing. In process of advance down constantly increase length of boring column. At achievement of water-bearing stratum do not stop process, and you pass to waterproof layer.

6. Prepare the well for work. Remove from it liquid mix with the help of bailer. Lower metal grid filter on clean bottom. Fill the remained space between walls of the well and the filter fine gravel or coarse sand. Fill up hole and install the manual or electric pump.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team