How to manage to do household chores

How to manage to do household chores

Housekeeping always takes away that time which could be spent for study, sport, deserved rest or communication with children. Not to become the slave to dust and dirty plates, it is necessary to create the convenient schedule for homework, without renouncing at the same time purity and order in the house.

It is required to you

  • - daily log;
  • - set of cleansers;
  • - household appliances.


1. Evenly distribute loading on days of the week. For example, allocate separate day for big washing, stroking and purchase of products with long storage life. On the weekend it is possible to be engaged in repair of clothes and to sew all buttons which have come off in week. So household chores will not take away so much time as though all of them have been planned for one day. Having made the detailed schedule, adhere to it: it will be psychologically difficult to start the collected affairs put away for later.

2. Do not forget about everyday house efforts. Dust has property to collect therefore, being regularly passed by rag across bookshelves and at once displaying things in places, you release yourself from is unnecessary also laborious work at the end of the week. It is especially important to watch plate, the fridge and plumbing where the stiffened dirt and fat will be difficult to be removed. Leave necessary time for cooking. Semi-finished products can facilitate considerably life of the busy person, but at the same time will strike irreparable blow to your stomach. Remember that products have to be not only quality, but also fresh. It is better to buy vegetables and fruit gradually, but every day after work.

3. Do clear-out several times a year. It is the best of all to date this action for change of seasons. During clear-out it is worth washing well all windows in the house, to clean and put away warm outerwear and footwear in distant part of cabinet, to wash curtains and sofa covers. Sort the things which are stored in the most distant boxes of cabinets and mezzanines where you seldom look. It is possible to cope with the majority of household chores by own efforts, but some works, for example, cleaning of carpets, it is possible to entrust professionals from dry-cleaner.

4. In due time get rid of unnecessary things. Psychologists advise every day to throw out 15 objects among which can be both old theatrical tickets, and clothes which nobody wears long ago. Having got rid of various stuff, you will notice soon that it became easier to bring order to the house.

5. You make renovation in the apartment. The things departing from walls wall-paper and plinth which have lost former look, slots between parquet boards will give to any room untidy look. It is easy to correct the majority of these problems. In due time update facades of cabinets, glue polyurethane moldings, and the apartment will look purely and accurately for a long time.

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