How to multiply dragon tree

How to multiply dragon tree

Dragon trees can be made multiple copies in three ways. The first consists in seed reproduction, the second – in cherenkovaniye of stalks, and at the third use layers from upper part of plant. It is necessary to consider that in the first way only green forms of dragon trees breed. And here their pestrolisty sisters breed in exclusively vegetative way. The best time for reproduction of dragon trees are spring, but in other time it is possible to try to multiply plant too. Let's consider all three ways in more detail.


1. For seed reproduction of dragon tree at first it is necessary to prepare seeds. Wet them in the stimulating solution with temperature about 30 wasps for day. Then make crops in soil. The ready soil mixes intended especially for palm plants are preferable. More convenient for crops to take disposable glasses. Water soil after crops, cover glass with polyethylene and place in the warm place.

2. Seeds will sprout approximately in 4-8 weeks. Preserve the arisen boring against direct sunshine and avoid excessive siccation or overwetting of the soil. The subsequent care for sprouts comes down to fertilizing of times a month and also change of plants when they reach height of 4-5 cm.

3. Cherenkovaniye. For reproduction as shanks choose young strong stalk, cut it on several pieces 3-5 cm long sharp knife or the razor. Make it so that on each of pieces of stalk there were, at least, two peepholes. On the one hand make an incision bark on each small stalk and thrust them in the paved way for young plants. Protect plants from direct sunlight, having placed them in the warm place. You watch humidity. The first escapes at you will appear in 1.5-2 months. Spray with water from the spray leaves of young plants more often – they love it.

4. To multiply dragon tree in the third way, take top from the used plant or the top which is cut off from maternal plant. On its place the new escapes will not be slow to appear. Put the cut-off tops in glass or to bank with water and podsypta there a little bit of wood charcoal. In about three months, land in top soil when they give roots.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team