How to construct shower

How to construct shower

Summer shower cabin at the dacha - thing just irreplaceable. On the street of heat - water heats up without any water-heating devices. It is possible to adopt water procedures at any time. And it is rather simple to construct such construction. For this purpose any improvised material will approach.


1. Begin with marking of future shower. Having executed marking, in it it is necessary to make small deepening and to dig through trench under sewer pipe. At the end of trench dig out drain hole. In order that the hole was not showered, put in it old automobile wheels. The place of deepening needs to be cemented, below to establish pipe with inclination that water easily flew down in draining.

2. Put 4 columns. They can be wooden or iron. Lobbies make higher, and back is a little lower that the roof had small bevel. Make furring of walls. Fit roof boards, having left opening for tube from tank in which there will be water.

3. Fit furring available materials, any will approach, disposed, it is possible just tarpaulin.

4. Make floor with slots for water stack.

5. Upward establish iron capacity. Weld tube on it and attach the crane with shower nozzle. At the top of capacity also there has to be tube, for filling hose. Paint capacity black color, water will quicker heat up.

6. Door make easy and attach hinges. It is possible to hang up instead of door curtain from tarpaulin.

7. In cabin make hooks for clothes and regiments for bathing accessories.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team