How to open larva at doors

How to open larva at doors

For safety of the dwelling cylinder locks which can be opened only by means of special key are often used. However it is easy to lose small key. If similar has occurred, it is possible to open the lock by means of make-shifts.

It is required to you

  • - hammer,
  • - combination pliers,
  • - slit screw-driver.


1. Take the hammer. Using the sharpened side of the tool, strike several blows to lock cylinder. "Larvae" are made of brass. It is soft metal which does not maintain strong mechanical influences therefore under the influence of the hammer it will burst.

2. Using combination pliers, take piece of cylinder which has broken off from blow by the hammer from the lock.

3. Insert the slit screw-driver into the received opening.

4. Use the screw-driver as the lever in moving direction of fingers.

5. Move the mechanism which is located in upper part of opening and open the lock.

6. If the lock did not manage to be opened, address experts. Their arsenal is much more than normal set of the mechanic. Besides, if you live on upper floors, your apartment will be able to be opened without breaking of door, having got inside through window or balcony. Anyway experts will be able to reveal features of the lock and to define the easiest way it to open as independently you can only ""turn out"" all parts, without having reached the basic closing element.

7. If the key after all is available, but the door or the lock do not give in, the distortion of door cloth, breakage directly of larva, etc. can be the cause. In this case it is necessary to understand what has occurred, only then it is necessary to undertake measures for opening of door.

8. The failed lock should be cut or removed - depending on its type.

9. If you cannot open door which has warped, call to the aid neighbors together with whom you will be able to raise door cloth.

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