How to pick up color of walls

How to pick up color of walls

Each person wants to live in the most comfortable for himself conditions. But the concept "comfort" consists of set of components. Among them and the certain color schemes of situation which are differently operating on people. And before choosing color of wall-paper or paint for walls of the dwelling – it is worth remembering some rules.


1. The rule pervoyetsvt walls has to be combined with all interior. Acid-lilac flowers, the "chromeplated" metallized wall-paper will hardly be appropriate in the room where all furniture represents, say, the Italian antiques. Furnishings and color of walls one more rule concerns. It is known that all colors are divided into warm, neutral and cold. Colors also have characteristics "heavy", "easy", "deaf", "ringing" and other. The correct combination of flowers does not cause feeling of discomfort, all colors successfully supplement each other. You can play with contrasts (dark-light, warm-cold, chromatic-achromatic and so forth), or to go in the checked way and to pick up colors from one temperature part of palette.

2. You vtoroyepomnit the rule that by means of color you can completely change characteristics of the room. Do you want to make the small room visually more? Choose light easy cool colors. Do you want the room to seem cozier, chamber? Use warm dark shades. By the way, do not forget also that warm colors are also called "bringing closer". Have been applied on walls, they will force surface to seem to the observer closer, than it is. Everything exactly the opposite is with cool colors – "distancing". Cold shades of the sky, sea do space to more volume. One more property of warm and cool colors – their impact on blood circulation. Cool colors lower blood circulation impulse, and warm – raise. It causes subjective feelings of heat or cold at the observer. And, so that there is real chance to save on heating of the room, having issued it in warm colors.

3. The rule tretyeoformly room walls in some color gamma, by all means be guided by own taste or taste of that family member who will carry out the greatest number of time in this room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team