How to plant fruit-trees

How to plant fruit-trees

The spring and fall – time when gardeners are engaged in landing of fruit-trees. Often the mistakes made when landing are cause of death of saplings. How it is correct to plant fruit-trees to receive the strong healthy and fructifying garden?

It is required to you

  • Saplings, landing stakes, tape measure, garden tool.


1. Make landing holes. In the planned place for landing of fruit-tree put stake. Tie twine with small peg to the lower part of stake, at half-meter distance. Carry out by this peg circle on the ground. The area of the received circle is place of landing hole.

2. Take out the top dark layer of fertile soil and postpone it on one side of hole. Put the soil from the lower (less fertile) layer on other party. Make depth of hole the 40-60th. Dig over bottom of hole.

3. Mix the taken-out fertile layer with humus if the soil absolutely poor. Previously lime the sour soil.

4. Establish in hole the prepared landing stake, not less than 130 cm long. Put stake in the center of hole. If landing of fruit-trees ordinary and symmetric, stakes are leveled in a straight line.

5. Examine sapling roots before landing. Cut all broken, sick and broomed backs. Roots have to be located in hole freely.

6. Accurately put sapling closely to stake and straighten on earth hillock in hole backs. For control of deepening of root neck put board on hole. The place where roots pass into trunk (root neck) has to be above this board on 2-5 cm. Cover roots with earth. Do not condense the soil with legs. It can lead to injuries of root system of fruit sapling. Tie up tree to stake.

7. It is abundant water the planted tree. Add as necessary the earth to roots. Zamulchiruyte landing hole layer up to 10 cm.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team