How to plant pepper seeds

How to plant pepper seeds

Seeds of pepper before landing need to be prepared in a certain way. At first they need to be sorted, then – to disinfect. Further there are procedures helping germs of plant to be enriched with microelements and to become tempered.

It is required to you

  • - pepper seeds;
  • - soil;
  • - water.


1. In the winter gardeners grieve for the country works. Therefore preparation of seeds of pepper, their landing be not a burden on them, and in joy. Rudiments of future plant require special attention. Begin to show it by means of the first procedure which will help germs to be saturated with oxygen.

2. Put gauze sack with sunflower seeds in high ware. Fill it with water, but not up to the top. Place tip of the aquarian compressor in liquid. This procedure is called barbotirovaniye. Leave seeds for day to be saturated with oxygen. After that pass to the second reception which will help to sort full seeds.

3. Make hydrochloric solution. For this purpose in 500 ml of water dissolve 20 grams of table salt. Place in it seeds. Stir with their spoon and wait 10 minutes. Throw out the emerged sunflower seeds, and get those which have gone to bottom and you carry out the following procedure with them.

4. It is called disinfecting. After so pleasant for seeds of pepper of the procedure they will get beautiful dark pink shade and will be disinfected. Make one-percentage solution of permanganate of potassium and lower seeds in it for 15 minutes.

5. After this time properly wash out them and prepare new bathtub for pepper rudiments. It will consist of water and microelements. They are issued in the tableted or liquid form. Dilute any of these medicines with water according to the instruction and place seeds of pepper in nutritious solution for 11-12 hours.

6. If you have wood ashes, then indulge basis of future harvest even more. Dissolve teaspoon of this natural fertilizer in 500 ml of water, let's infuse day, and then place gauze sack with seeds in nutritious liquid for 3 hours.

7. Seeds after saturation by microelements need to lie down 2 days in water and to bulk up. It have to moisten only half gauze sack that germs had opportunity to breathe. Choose for this procedure the warmest place in the apartment.

8. The next stage – hardening. Place the bulked-up seeds in low container in the fridge for day or for day. After these procedures it is possible to plant seeds of pepper in wooden or plastic boxes. Fill them with nutritious seedling soil, water it with weak solution of potassium permanganate.

9. Make grooves of 1 cm in depth through 5 cm and plant in them seeds through 2 cm. Powder deepenings by the earth, cover tanks with transparent cellophane and put them to the warm place. As soon as shoots begin to appear, establish seedling boxes on the most solar and warm place about window.

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