How to plant potatoes

How to plant potatoes

Potato - the second bread. In Russia it is on each personal plot. But how it is correct to plant potatoes to receive good harvest? There are subtleties.


1. In the middle of April begin to couch potatoes. That tubers sprouted better, it is necessary to put them in plastic bags on 50-80 pieces and to put to rather warm, lit room. Soon potatoes will begin to sprout and even additional roots. Begin to plant potato usually when the birch blossoms. It means that the earth has enough got warm.

2. When landings potatoes time comes, dig over the field that the earth became friable. Create in the field of furrow of 10-12 cm of Distance in size between them there have to be about 70-80 cm. Furrows can be done borozdoviky, any improvised tools, even by legs.

3. Put in furrows seed tubers sprouts up. The distance between tubers has to make 30-35 cm. Then the grown bushes will freely develop and will yield good harvest. After all potato is laid in furrows, it is necessary to cover it with earth. It is better to do it not by shovel, but rake. The flat field has to turn out, without ridges - they will appear at earthing up. Potato will appear in the earth at depth of 6-10 cm, it will allow it to get warm better.

4. From above over potatoes put fertilizers - compost, the rerotting manure, peat, ashes, mineral fertilizers. When it is going to rain, they get to the earth and will feed tubers. The fact is that sprouts of potatoes last up, and roots appear over tuber. Therefore they will receive enough useful substances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team