How to plant pyramidal poplar

How to plant pyramidal poplar

Pyramidal poplar – beautiful tree with narrow columnar krone, up to 22 meters high. Grows mainly in the southern regions of Russia as is afraid of frosts. Breeds only shanks, then that only men's copies are cultivated. Small amount of female trees – has remained only in Ukraine in the Cherkassk region.


1. The best time for planting of saplings – the spring and autumn vegetative periods. During these seasons of year the best survival of trees is noted. The first landing of green plantings begins after thawing of snow and continues until until the kidney is unrolled on half of leaf. If these works are supposed to be performed in the fall, then it is necessary to begin during mass yellowing leavesof on trees and to finish with arrival of the first frosts.

2. The agrotechnology of landing of saplings of pyramidal poplar differs from similar works with fruit-trees only in the fact that the root neck at them is buried to the soil at 5-8 cm because wood green plantings require lower seal of roots in soil. If disembarkation is planned for spring of next year, then holes under trees are dug out during the autumn period.

3. As well as any work with saplings of other cultures, seedlings of pyramidal poplar before disembarkation to the soil sort. The planting stock with the dried-up, wrinkled, mouldy and poorly developed roots is exposed to rejection. Those saplings in which above-mentioned defects are found – are removed.

4. At the saplings which are selected for landing, the root system should not be longer than 25 cm, all superfluous is cut off by secateurs or chopped off by sharply edged axe. They shorten also elevated part. The stipitate which height does not exceed ten centimeters is left.

5. When planting saplings in holes their roots are straightened in it and covered with earth. Then they it is abundant pour down water, and one more layer of earth which then is stamped by hands from above is filled. At final stage the place of landing is mulched.

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