How to polish stainless steel

How to polish stainless steel

The smooth smooth surface of corrosion-proof part can be received not only industrially, to polish stainless steel quite perhaps and at home. This process is necessary for giving to self-made work of an effective type, cleaning of welding seams or for neutralization of scratches on surface.

It is required to you

  • - grinder (Bulgarian);
  • - abrasive wheels of various granularity;
  • - abrasive paper or stone;
  • - joiner's glue;
  • - felt or felt circles;
  • - polishing compound.


1. At first carry out draft cleaning of surface, remove flows of metal from weld. For this purpose use the grinder (Bulgarian) and circle on fiber basis with P60 grain. If surface rather smooth, miss this stage.

2. To remove risks from P60 grain, take circle with P120 grain. If you have no circle with any size of grain, make it independently. For this purpose take felt or felt circle, evenly by means of the palette apply on it joiner's glue and accurately walk it on abrasive crumb. The abrasive crumb can be received from emery cloth or stone, having rubbed them the friend about the friend.

3. Grind the surface of stainless steel several times, every time reducing the abrasive size twice. Do not forget to wash out the surface of stainless steel after each grinding. If it is possible, do not establish speed more than 4500 revolutions per minute on the grinder.

4. Check, the surface after grinding has to be absolutely smooth. Make sure that all rough roughnesses are eliminated, otherwise after polish these sites should be ground anew.

5. Take clean felt or felt circle and polishing compound. It is important to pick up correctly polishing compound as different types of paste are suitable for different brands. Try to find diamond paste which granularity corresponds to your metal, as a last resort, the normal polishing compound or GOI will approach.

6. Begin finishing polish of stainless steel, consistently removing visible risks. Gradually, after a while, you will see that the surface becomes more and more smooth, it occurs because under the influence of high temperature the surface of part is melted off and spreads. Try not to overheat part, some metals from it can change color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team