How to prepare cement solution

How to prepare cement solution

At first sight the technology of grout mixing seems extremely simple – it is necessary to mix only among themselves cement, sand and water. Actually this process demands accuracy and attentiveness as the quality of the turned-out concrete depends on proper correlation of ingredients and thorough mixing, and low-quality cement can lead to cracking and even destruction of design.

Recipes for cement slurry

Before starting mix preparation, it is necessary to learn the exact recipe for your purpose. The cement slurry is used for filling of floors, for installation of the base, for plaster of walls, for bricklaying. Each of these actions demands different ratios of ingredients of solution though in all cases the same materials are used: it is cement, sand and water, in certain cases add also crushed stone or lime. Also in each case certain grade of cement is required.

The grade of cement means ability of mix to maintain load of compression, this indicator of the brand is measured in kilograms on centimeter in square.

Cement above brand 400, quartz sand and water is necessary for cement and sand tie of floor. The proportion of cement and sand can be 1 to 2.8 or 1 to 3, on 10 kilograms of cement 5 liters of water are required. It is also desirable to use softener which facilitates work with mix, solution turns out strong, but elastic and easy, and in concrete tie there are no cracks subsequently. The base requires brand cement higher than 200, besides sand and water gravel or crushed stone is used. Ideal ratio of cement, sand and gravel – 1:3:3 or 1:4:4.

It is very important that in solution there were no foreign impurity – soil, oils, grass.

For plaster it is desirable to take sand, cement of brand 100 or more, it is also possible to use additives, for example lime or clay. Ratio of cement and sand – one to five, one more part of lime or clay. The received mix needs to be dissolved with water to liquid consistence. For brickwork bearing enough cement of brand 25, for not load bearing walls and partitions – M10 with smaller durability. The ratio of sand and cement can be various, from 1:3 to 1:6, depending on the brand and requirements to solution. Waters at the same time 0.8 parts on one part of cement and sand mix are required.

Technology of mixing of mortar of cement

Manual preparation of cement is suitable for small volumes, for example, at repair of city apartments. It is very important to mix cement and sand in a dry form but only then to part them with water. Prepare the necessary tools and capacity: large volumes can be mixed shovel, small – the palette. Fill in basin, bucket or other capacity sand and cement in the necessary proportions and mix them. Then it is possible to add water, it is desirable parts, but not all at once not to make solution too liquid. Carefully mix, adding water until solution does not become the necessary consistence. If it is required to flood the base, to make tie for floor or to construct brick load bearing walls, then it is desirable to use the concrete mixer. Install the unit on plain surface, turn on the concrete mixer – only at revolving drum in it it is possible to fill up ingredients. It is necessary to fill up materials on extent of reduction of their density: at first cement, then sand, then gravel, and fill in with the last water.

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