How to protect the soil from erosion

How to protect the soil from erosion

Land erosion is understood as its destruction by means of water and wind. At first sight this process means big spaces. It is not obligatory. What can be made on the farmer lands, in the estate, on the seasonal dacha for protection of the soil against erosion?


1. First. To protect the soil on your site from exhaustion and further destruction, correctly define structure of the cultivated cultures. Strictly observe crop rotation, that is annually alternate cultures on beds, considering their optimum replacement. It will help strengthening of structure of the soil, and it will easily not disappear. On spaces, unoccupied under garden cultures, increase crops of long-term herbs, podseivayta periodically intermediate cultures. It well protects the soil from destruction especially during erozionno dangerous periods. Method are one of the best ways of cultivation of soils.

2. Secondly. Never cut down afforestations on site borders, especially from the prevailing direction of winds. If necessary land protective forest belt. It will protect your site from wind erosion. If you on the site have roughnesses of relief, then on slopes the steepness to 3 — 5 ° where the danger of manifestation of water erosion appears, sow herbs and the one-year cultures of continuous sowing. On more steep slopes with average and silnosmyty soils, sow periodically long-term herbs and intermediate cultures which are well protecting the soil from water and wind erosion.

3. Important role in protection of the soil against erosion is played by agrotechnical receptions on soil cultivation. Soils on slopes strongly differ from flat soils. Therefore also methods of agriculture have to have other here, than on the plain, character. Plowing across slope was and remains the simplest in the way on regulation of surface run-off of melt waters and protection of soils against water erosion. Plow, cultivate only on circle concerning slope top. Then you make ordinary crops whenever possible parallel to the main direction of horizontals of crops. You carry out plowing on slope lands without turnover of layer. Bezotvalny processing of soils is very effective soil-protective reception and not only on slope lands.

4. If on your site there is pond or reservoir, spread by all means trees and bushes for protection of coast against destruction, and reservoir — from silting by erosion products. You remember, the wind and water erosion selects at the earth humus - the most valuable component of the soil which is formed throughout very long time. The quality of humus defines fertility of the soil.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team