How to pull chain-link

How to pull chain-link

Rabitz netting is used for protection of seasonal dachas, private usadb and hen houses. Its use allows to cut down considerably costs on protection of sites. Also Rabitz netting is appreciated the long term of operation and simplicity of mounting which can be made as soon as possible, having only one assistant exactly to establish columns and to stretch grid.

It is required to you

  • - columns;
  • - solution or crushed stone with sand;
  • - shovel or drill;
  • - Rabitz netting;
  • - corner, wooden rails or wire;
  • - fastenings or nails;
  • - hammer, flat-nose pliers;
  • - paint;
  • - mastic;
  • - used oil and roofing material.


1. Prepare holes for columns. You can dig out or drill them. Establish metal or wooden columns. Insert each column into the prepared hole, fill in with cement slurry or ram by means of crushed stone and sand. Check flatness of installation on plumb.

2. Establish columns at distance no more than 4-5 meters. The most optimal variant is installation of 3-4 columns at the grid roll length that it had not to be disconnected. Therefore if you have bought the 10th meter rolls, put columns at distance of 5 meters; if roll 12 meter, establish columns at distance of 4 meters.

3. Attach edge of grid to column. If you have put wooden support, then it cannot be made normal nails. If columns iron before attaching grid, weld special fastenings on which you will fasten it. Also you can attach Rabitz netting wire, but this option is less reliable.

4. Attach top of grid on wood furring, corner or just strengthen wire. If you want to make durable protection, establish iron columns, Weld corner from above and from below and also fastenings in the form of eyelets. Stretch grid and attach by means of wire.

5. Paint columns and cross-pieces. If you have bought not galvanized grid, too it is better to paint it. Such protection will stay not less than 15-20 years and repair of fence will not be required.

6. If you put wooden columns, isolate bottom which will be in the earth from moisture and rotting. It is possible to make it by means of mastic or cover columns with used oil and envelop roofing material.

7. If you have established columns and have not calculated with grid length a little, it can easily be reduced or extended. For this purpose just turn out the necessary line or interweave the necessary length the last line.

8. For installation of gate from Rabitz netting make furring of tree or corner, fix grid, weld or fasten to columns hinges, and to furring of loop and hang gate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team