How to put liquid eyeliner

How to put liquid eyeliner

expressive eyes — basic element of make-up. To Podchernut beauty of eyes, it is possible to give them the necessary form by means of the drawn arrows. It is possible to create the faultless accurate line during century by means of liquid eyeliner.


  1. Apply eye shadow before you draw arrows liquid eyeliner. In this case the line will turn out thin and accurate. If you want to make the soft line, then put at first eyeliner, and then shade arrow shadows.
  2. Choose brush depending on what width you want to receive the line. The eyeliner felt-tip pen perfectly is suitable for the first experience. It is simpler to draw with such firm brush the flat line and to regulate width of arrow. Choosing color of liquid eyeliner, consider that it should not be more dark than shade of mascara.
  3. Lower brush in bottle with liquid eyeliner. Remove surplus of paint about edge of tube. Lean the elbows on dressing table that the hand did not shiver. Cover eye and slightly delay eyelid. You hold brush at an angle in 45 degrees. Try to draw with one movement the continuous line from internal corner of eye to external. If the line is impossible equal at one time, then make several short hyphens close adjacent each other. If you have experience of drawing of arrows pencil for eyes, then draw the thin draft line with pencil, and then over it carry out by brush with liquid eyeliner.
  4. You watch that the line has turned out thinner at internal corner of eye and it was gradually thickened. If you want to receive thicker arrow, carry out by brush on the drawn line once again.
  5. You draw line to the basis of eyelashes as it is possible closer that there is no white strip left between arrow and the line of growth of eyelashes. It will be better if the eyeliner flows a little between eyelashes — so they will look more dense and brighter.
  6. Draw with also liquid eyeliner arrow on lower eyelid. Conduct the line close to the lower eyelashes of the middle of the century to external corner of eye. Pay attention that the line of identical thickness on upper and lower eyelid will make eyes visually less. Make sure that the brought line completely has dried up before applying eye shadow and mascara.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team