How to raise roses

How to raise roses

On the planet there are many flowers, but the rose by right is considered the queen of flower bed. This beautiful and delicate flower is grown up in greenhouses and on windowsills, in the open ground and greenhouses. As it is correct to raise roses how to look after them so that these marvelous flowers always pleased us with the magnificence?


1. Land rose shank to the open ground in the fall if in your region there are no severe winters. If, the winter is expected severe, it is better to plant flower in the unprotected soil in the spring. For bigger reliability implant rose at first in flowerpot, let during the winter it grow in it, and it is possible to plant flower to the open ground in the spring.

2. Before landing of roses take care of composition of the ground: take two parts of the garden earth, one part of peat, and if clay soils, two more parts of sand. Add superphosphate pinch to earth mix. Make deepening in soil, add to it the prepared soil mix, properly fluff up the earth, again make deepening and put rose shank. From above put on plastic bottle with the cut-off bottom. It is important not to allow the earth to dry up, watering has to be moderate, but regular.

3. Rooting – the long process depending on grade of roses can drag on for months. That roses have taken roots quicker, water them with the special solutions which are on sale in specialized shops. When the rose takes roots, it is necessary to carry out such manipulations on care for flower: as cutting, fertilizing, watering, pest control, warming for the winter.

4. Do cutting in the fall, for the purpose of forming of bush, at the onset of cold weather if roses grow in the open ground. Basic principle of cutting: all weak sick escapes are cut out, on bush there are 4-5 strong, normally developed stalks. If the remained escapes - with well ripened wood, then them, also cut off, leaving from three to six eyes.

5. Among diseases of roses the most widespread are: rozanny sawfly, plant louse and web tick. If you have noticed. That leaves of roses have become covered by brown spots, or brilliant sticky raid, stalks began to dry and blacken, it is necessary to take measures urgently. For fight against plant louse spray rose with soap solution or the Bordeaux liquid, some gardeners add to soil where roses granite dust grow – it will also help to protect flowers from wreckers. For destruction of rozanny sawfly and web tick make garlic extract: 50 g of the crushed garlic insist in glass of cold water of 15-20 minutes. Then infusion is filtered and bring volume to liter. One and a half glasses of garlic solution add to bucket of water and wash it leaves of roses in the evening, in cloudy weather.

6. Do not forget to feed up periodically roses, bringing both organic, and inorganic fertilizers. In the early spring and also in July and August, entering into soil of mix of potash salt, ammonium nitrate and superphosphate, on 15-20 g of each substance is useful. In the period of laying of buds feed up roses solution of dung water (1:10), 10 liters of slush on 3-4 plants.

7. Before approach of winter the rosebushes growing in the open ground warm: to prikopayta roots layer of the earth of 20-30 cm, it is possible to throw bushes with old buckets without bottom, to cover from above with straw.

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