How to remove spots from wax

How to remove spots from wax

Spots from wax on clothes, furniture or cloth – very unpleasant phenomenon. Often they happen sad consequence of beautiful romantic dinner by candlelight, or holiday in cozy situation. Many do not know that spots can be removed from wax, are reconciled with need of replacement to the spoiled thing. Spots from wax are not removed in the normal ways, wax impregnates fabric from two parties and, drying, stiffens between them.


1. Actually, it is not as difficult to remove spot from wax as can seem at first sight, there are means, at the correct use which wax easily is removed from any fabric. At the initial stage it is necessary to try to remove dry wax. If it has accumulated on fabric and has stiffened the convex hill, then its surplus needs to be cut off not really sharp knife. For convenience of removal, it is necessary to warm up knife before use a little. The remained spot is removed in the way checked by time.

2. Removal of wax will require napkin, or paper scarf (paper has to absorb well) and also the iron. The napkin keeps within on ironing board several layers. If desired under bottom of napkin it is also possible to enclose piece of unnecessary rag, it will protect board from wax. The spoiled fabric from above is put on napkin, and takes cover other napkin. Then the spot is carefully ironed by the iron, at the same time the top napkin can be replaced. The melted wax will be absorbed in paper. If the spot from wax is on especially delicate fabric which is subject to stroking with the minimum heating it is not necessary to despair, wax has low melting temperature and will easily be removed. After pressing there will be greasy spot with which it is possible to cope easily, having just washed fabric with good powder.

3. In case wax has got on carpet or furniture, it is also possible to use the iron and tissue. The napkin is imposed on spot, ironed, if necessary the procedure repeats. Later means is applied to cleaning of furniture for elimination of the remains of spot. The complexity of removal of spot depends on extent of pollution and type of covering, in many cases wax can easily be removed with accurately warmed-up edge not of really sharp knife.

4. It is a little more difficult to remove color wax as when heating dye will only be fixed. If thing small, then it it is possible to place in the freezing chamber for some time then to scrub away the stiffened wax, and to process the remains from spot white spirit, it is easy to find it in household shops. Such solvent can do much harm things therefore for a start it is necessary to check its action on the small imperceptible site if solvent does not harm, then the wax spot will easily be removed. After processing the thing is washed with good powder.

5. If independently to clean off spot from wax it has not turned out, then it is possible to consult with professionals.

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