How to repair electronic scales

How to repair electronic scales

Electronic scales use both for measurement of body weight and for preparation of various dishes today. Kitchen scales are especially convenient for exact and captious hostesses. But even the smartest electronics has property to break.

It is required to you

  • - Replaceable batteries
  • - Paper towels
  • - Bank of canned food


1. Try to replace batteries in your kitchen scales. Perhaps, failure cause that the charge in the previous batteries has come to an end.

2. Wipe scales with paper towels. For this purpose they can even be sorted. However, you should not do it if you are not sure that you will be able to return then scales to initial state. There is probability that at operation parts of food have got to the mechanism of kitchen scales and because of it there was failure. By the way, it is necessary to consider that some scales can show not exact weight if dimensions of the weighed product there are more scales.

3. Turn on the button of calibration of scales. Hold it not less than 30 seconds until on the display of scales the word ""CAL"" does not appear. Then on the display there will be information on weight which needs to be put on scales for carrying out calibration. As standard of weight the bank can use with canned food, or other capacity on which weight is precisely specified. After 3-5 seconds on the display the word ""PASS"" will appear. Remove the received value of weight and switch off scales - calibration is finished. If calibration has taken place not successfully you will see the inscription ""FAIL"".

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