How to forget unfortunate love

How to forget unfortunate love

Psychologists claim completely it is necessary to recover from a gap twice more time, than the unsuccessful relations lasted. But depression and grief can develop into a long depression, lead to diseases of nervous system, turn life into sad existence. To cure the broken heart it is difficult, but it is possible!


1. Allocate yourself time for sufferings. Let it will be hour or half an hour a day when you begin to remember purposefully the former man and to reflex. Cry in plenty, touch all pleasant moments of your relations in memory, regret yourself, and especially — it. Any more never he will kiss and will not embrace such beautiful girl. Most likely, soon you will be bothered by this useless occupation. The main thing is not to hold emotions, trying to convince itself and people around that you easily endure a gap. Especially, when at heart you continue to worry.

2. Pack things which remind you of the last relations in a heap: photos, mementoes. Then throw out all this without regrets. Make shift in the apartment that even the habitual interior could not suggest to you ideas of the former man. Besides, at first try to avoid places where you often were together.

3. Shopping — here the most effective weapon from a female depression. Visit favourite shops, whenever possible without feeling sorry for funds for themselves favourite. The beautiful dress, openwork linen, good perfume — and the mood will be lightened at once. Visit hairdressing salon, it is not obligatory to change cardinally the image at all, just update a hairstyle or make manicure.

4. Usually the melancholy and grief lean by the evening. Therefore try to miss as little as possible at home alone. For example, begin to attend gym or classes dances, so you not only will be able to put the figure in order, but also will catch a set of delighted men's looks. Attend all interesting actions: exhibitions, concerts, festivals. In it one more plus of "free" life — to choose that you want.

5. Resume communication with friends. If before the relation with darling eclipsed all other life, including a sit-round gathering with girlfriends, then time to remind acquaintances of itself came. Bring together the closest friends, meet in cafe, club or just invite them to yourself on a visit. Behind a casual women's conversation you will not notice how experiences will leave. Only do not turn a conversation into discussion of your last relations, trying to concern this subject as little as possible.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team