How to repair the lamp

How to repair the lamp

The good, sound lamp, especially if it is expensive to you as memory, at failure there is no sense to change for modern, made of fragile materials. Its independent repair will occupy no more than half an hour, and it will serve, perhaps, even longer than new.


1. If the lamp in the lamp lights up and dies away when rocking wire on input in fork, the break is located in this place. The non-demountable fork should be replaced with new, folding. If fork already folding, open it, remove wires from screws on pins, cut off the oxidized sites, anew smooth out them, put on screws then hardly tighten them. Then collect fork.

2. Without fail replace cord which isolation is made not of polyvinylchloride, and of rubber entirely even if it has no visible damages. Sooner or later they surely will appear, and it threatens with short circuit. Arrive also with the cable having visible damages irrespective of of what material it is made.

3. During the indistinct operation of the switch located on cord, its contacts should be cleaned. Having disconnected the lamp from network, disassemble the switch, remembering dismantling order. Carefully remove deposit from contacts with the screw-driver then collect the switch upside-down.

4. The switch located not on cord, and in the lamp, usually has non-demountable design. Having powered off and having uncovered lighting instrument, opening access to this switch, first of all, check, the screws holding wires in switch terminals are how well tightened. If failure cause not in them, replace the switch with same (or on another suitable by the landing sizes if change of exterior is not critical). Before installation back on the lamp of the cover made of metal make sure that the bared veins of wires will not touch it from within.

5. The crash which is followed by blinking of bulb speaks about the bad contact and sparking in the boss. Such mode threatens energy saving lamp with burn-out, and to nearby radio receivers and TVs the sparking lamp creates strong hindrances. Having powered off lighting instrument, wait for cooling of bulb, unscrew it and sort cartridge. Tighten the screws holding veins of wires on terminals. Carefully clean with the screw-driver the contacts concerning tsikolya lamp, from deposit, if necessary, slightly turn in them, then collect cartridge.

6. Having completed repairs, clean the lamp from dust. If the power of bulb exceeds maximum, specified on the lamp body (not on the boss!), replace it. Together with the lamp shades manufactured of combustible or fusible materials use only energy saving bulbs.

7. The final stage of work is the insulating test. Take the multimeter working in the ohmmeter mode on limit of "20 megaohms". Having disconnected the device from network, having inserted lamp and having turned on the switch, measure resistance between each of pins of fork and metal parts of the lamp at various polyarnost of connection. In all cases the multimeter has to show infinity. Only having made sure of it, start further operation of the lamp.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team