How to replace Cumbria

How to replace Cumbria

Orchid Cumbria – the hybrid created by selectors especially for cultivation in the conditions of the house. This look is considered quite unpretentious in comparison with the less adapted fellows. And still it should be taken into account some nuances at care for these orchids and at their change.

It is required to you

  • - ceramic pot,
  • - substrate,
  • - abundance of warm water.


1. The main advantage of orchids of kambriya is that they regularly need continuous temperature ranging from 18 up to 25 wasps. While other orchids need sharp temperature drop day and night. Sunlight as, however, and orchids of all types, Cumbria loves too. However it does not demand it as kottle, in large number, and, even on the contrary, are preferred by easy shadowing.

2. To guess over time watering of Cumbria, it is possible to use easy way. Take long wooden stick, lower it in pot, periodically put out and check. It is worth watering flower in the winter when stick dry on 3/4, and in the summer – 2/3palochki dry. Better watering by dipping will approach. For this purpose take the container with water and lower in it pot with flower for a while for 10-15 minutes. Water should not reach to the brim pot.

3. Cumbria needs fertilizers regularly - since the beginning of spring to the middle of fall. For this purpose specialized fertilizers will be suitable for orchids. Fruitfully flushing by its weak warm tea or coffee affects development of roots in flower. It is better to carry out such procedure monthly. Besides such fertilizing improves the chemical composition of substrate.

4. Frequent changes are extremely undesirable to Cumbria. But it is better to replace carefully flower, indulged to allow it to die in adverse conditions. It is worth going to extremes at the soured substrate and bad ventilation because of packed soil. It is better to carry out this manipulation in March - April when the plant has new young backs.

5. Better for the whimsical beauty to choose the dwelling in the form of the breathing ceramic pot. If you after all have chosen plastic, it should not be transparent. By the size in what the root system almost completely will fill capacity will be optimum. During change do not disturb in vain orchid roots at all, do not straighten them on walls of pot and do not turn inside.

6. As optimum substrate serves mix of wood bark and coal. Coal interferes with acidulation of the soil. It is possible to add pieces of peat, at frequent drying of substrate. Too damp it is worth diluting with pieces of Penza or clay crocks. In general the structure has to be such that dried up within week. For the full-fledged growth of Cumbria it is necessary to provide good ventilation of its roots. They it is normal at them very thin and too gentle. It is easy to ruin such orchid at the wrong watering: very quickly backs rot. As well as all beauties, Cumbria it is whimsical, but for performance of its whims you will be able to admire shaking raznotsvety.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team