How to replace date palm tree

How to replace date palm tree

Palm trees began to grow up at the beginning of the 19th century not only as hothouse plants, but also as room. And though today in any flower shop it is possible to take a number of other forms of palm trees, date for many flower growers remains to the most favourite, thanks to the relative unpretentiousness. The date palm tree was called "plant entertainment" because it was not difficult to be grown up from stones of the dates necessary to nobody bought in the next bench. But nevertheless care for this wonderful plant is necessary serious.


1. As to look after date palm tree whether it is worth replacing it? The date palm tree can really be grown up from stones. Only it is necessary to have huge patience to wait for the first shoots. So, put stones vertically in deep clay pots with damp sand or sawdust. Seeds quite rigid therefore it is necessary to stratify them (a little to rub nail file or abrasive paper). In four months the first shoots on surface will appear.

2. Now they need to be replaced in pot with mix from the cespitose, sheet earth, peat, humus and sand in the ratio 2:2:4:1:2, add a little more the shattered wood charcoal. Replacing small seedlings, try not to tear off the seed remains as at palm tree the seeds long provide to rastenyitsa with nutrients. When there is the first leaf, once again replace young plants in pots of bigger volume (diameter about 8 cm) and put them to the light place.

3. So far plant young, it it is necessary to replace annually. Accurately take out palm tree from pot, wash out roots. Root system at palm tree quite big therefore they can be cut off a little, also cut all sore points. Powder cuts with wood charcoal or ashes, process epiny and let's dry up. At each subsequent change replace pot more volume.

4. Fill in it drainage from haydite or beaten bricks. Then fill 1/3 part of soil. Put plant and cover with earth. Stamp the soil around flower a little and water.

5. In general the date palm tree does not love drying of the soil therefore try to water it regularly in two days and spray two-three times a day.

6. When the palm tree reaches five-year age, change will be required much less often – once in 2–3 years. However it is worth changing annually top soil, at least for ten centimeters and to add the cespitose earth.

7. When your palm tree is fifteen years old, it is possible to replace it already absolutely seldom, time in five, and even six years.

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