How to replace jasmine

How to replace jasmine

The garden jasmine, or mock orange – plant unpretentious, can grow and blossom practically in any corner of garden. But it will be best of all for it in the sun and where he is not oppressed by other trees and bushes.

It is required to you

  • - jasmine bush;
  • - landing hole;
  • - shovel;
  • - rope;
  • - humus;
  • - mulch;
  • - kornevin;
  • - water.


1. If there was need to replace jasmine bush, to do it is better planned in the middle or at the end of October. In the summer you should not replace. During vegetation the plant spends all nutrients which are saved up earlier for formation of sheet weight and blossoming, and after blossoming it needs not less than three months to gain strength, otherwise it will badly take root on the new place.

2. The jasmine bush intended to change, first of all, it is necessary to tie with rope not to break branch. Then the earth under bush should be spilled thoroughly large amount of water. Depending on the sizes of bush, water from six to ten buckets will leave. It is necessary that all root system in depth has become wet, then the bush will be easier to be taken, and roots will sustain less damage.

3. After the watered soil absorbs all water, the bush needs to be dug round on circle, having receded from trunk of 25-30 cm. After that the bush can be dug out, cutting roots which remain outside circle. If you want to multiply jasmine, that is to receive a little from one bush, it is possible to separate it into parts, having split lengthways with sharp shovel.

4. It is in advance necessary to prepare the place for change. Holes by width and 60 cm in depth are dug out. At hole outplanting soil develops in two small groups – in one lower, in another top. In them a little organic chemistry, mixed with the soil is put on bottom. It has to be well rerotting manure or compost. On one hole 1 - 1.5 kilogram of ready mix suffices. In hole 3-4 buckets of water are poured, and it is left for half an hour. It is possible to fill in hole handful of the granulated complex fertilizer of the prolonged action or just superphosphate and two handfuls of wood ashes.

5. Bush accurately, trying not to damage branches and radical lump, it is moved to the place of landing. It is established vertically on bottom of landing hole, roots finish, pour down korneviny ("Zircon") and are covered with earth. The earth should be stamped well. After that branches can be untied, bush once again to water 3-4 buckets on bush if weather costs dry. If rainy – is enough 1-2 buckets. The Pristvolny circle can be zamulchirovat leaves, needles or wood bark.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team