How to grow up bay leaf

How to grow up bay leaf

Except that bay leaf is widely applied in cookery, it is used at treatment of cholelithiasis and chronic cholecystitis. To grow up bay leaf of the house – occupation necessary and interesting, undoubtedly bringing benefit.


1. Seeds of laurels cannot be dried, they are capable to keep viability no more than 5 months. It is necessary to store them indoors where it is cool and damp. Exempt seeds from cover before sowing, differently they will long sprout. Sow or in liter separate pots, or in soil where they will finally sprout.

2. House conditions well are suitable for cultivation of laurel tree. To grow up bay leaf, it is necessary to carry out regular spraying of tree by warm water in the winter. Light windowsill – the successful place for this plant.

3. Cut shanks in the spring (up to two kidneys) from one-year escapes. Cut off the lower leaflets from shanks, and top truncate half. That shanks have taken roots, land them in pots, using friable prime quality land, and put in hotbed. If you use windowsill, cover them with film or glass jars.

4. You keep saplings in hotbed until the end of May. After frosts land them under film on bed with manure. Place pot with uterine bush there. To strengthen kushcheniye, it is desirable at young plants after disembarkation to prishchipyvat the escape which has begun growth.

5. Landings should be weeded and watered regularly. Solution of fitoverm will help to save plant from mite. During heat the film needs to be opened, eaten danger that the plant will burn down. It is necessary to feed up several times laurel tree 15% solution of the chip for growth strengthening in the summer.

6. Oblistvenny escapes in number of 2-3 pieces will appear on plant at the end of August. The uterine bush will become covered by young escapes which can be used for cherenkovaniye next year. On windowsill the uterine bush can be transferred to the house in the fall. Cut off escapes, connect them in friable bunches, and place for drying in shadow. Let it will be canopy or the attic. After drying, the leaf should be torn off and put in the closed container. The taste of the bay leaf which is grown up by the hands does not come within miles of bought in shop.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team