How to replace lobelia

How to replace lobelia

Lobelia – the easy blue cloudlet which has hung on bed or balcony for the whole summer. It is not difficult to grow up this piece of the sky for decoration of the possession at all.


1. That flowers of lobelia have blossomed by the beginning of summer, it is better to seed seeds at the end of February beginning of March. There are no special requirements to the soil, it has to be friable and have good drainage. As seeds very small, before landing them it is better to mix with sand. Sunlight and moisture are necessary for pro-growth of seed. Therefore seeds in soil do not close up and spray 1-2 times a day from spray. Temperature for growth is optimum about 20 °C.

2. It is possible to wait for shoots in two weeks. 2-3 more weeks need to be waited before change. And already grown up and strengthened rastenyitsa need increase in space for further growth. Replacing seedling in cartridges or separate glasses, it it is worth diving. Here plants need to be kept until the end of May. All care during this period is limited to moderate moistening and ensuring enough sunlight.

3. For planting of seedling to the open ground it is better to pick up moderately sunny day. The lobelia, though treats shade-enduring plants, is more abundant blossoms on solar places. The friable easy soil having good drainage optimum will be suitable for these flowers. Speaking about fertilizers, it should be noted that organic nitrogen-containing fertilizing for flowers at lobelia stimulates growth of green material, and respectively decrease in quantity of flowers. Therefore it is better not to use them in general.

4. In the open ground in the fresh air plants quickly enough expand therefore one sprout from another it is worth landing not less than 15 cm at distance. The lobelia needs abundant and regular watering. But you should not allow stagnation of water. As the plant is the native of hot Africa, it feels very comfortably under the scorching sun. When less resistant flowers fade, the lobelia is pleasing to the eye magnificent inflorescence.

5. As for decoration of balcony in flowers of lobelia, it is worth following the same rules here, as when planting these flowers to the open ground: abundant watering, plus irrigation from spray. The lobelia blossoms on extent of all summer. For this purpose it is regularly worth cutting off stalks with the dried-up flowers, thereby giving to plant the chance to release new young escapes.

6. Closer to the end of the blossoming season it is worth allowing seeds to ripen enough, having stopped cutting. Collected seeds can be used the next year. Part of plants for the winter can be replaced in flowerpots and to store till spring in room conditions. The last year's plants planted to the open ground, pretty fast begin to blossom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team