How to replace seedling of eggplants

How to replace seedling of eggplants

Eggplants belong to sort of nightshade family, in the nature these plants grow in the Southern Asia, India and the Middle East, their cultivation exactly here has begun. However in Europe, berry began to be grown up only in the XIX century, and now eggplants grow up even in Siberia.

It is required to you

  • - eggplant seeds;
  • - nutritious substrate for seedling;
  • - separate plastic pots;
  • - garden tools.


1. Eggplant — plant southern therefore in our weather conditions it is grown up only through seedling. The vegetative period quite big therefore seeds should begin to be sowed in February — the beginning of March.

2. Seeds eggplant ascend long up to two weeks. To accelerate emergence of seedlings, the planting stock needs to be prepared previously. Wet seeds in warm water temperature 50-60os at several o'clock, then cool and spread out them on damp cotton fabric. Leave couch for 2-3 days. As soon as seeds begin to arise, plant them in nutritious and friable substrate. After such processing the shoots will seem in week.

3. Eggplants very badly transfer change. It is the best of all to plant seeds at once in the separate pots filled with nutritious mix. Make 2 openings wooden stick on depth of 2-3 cm, put in everyone on one arisen sunflower seed and fill up with the soil. Humidify landings, cover with plastic bag and put to the warm place.

4. After emergence of sprouts transfer pots with landings to more cool place with temperature about 15 degrees, remove package. In these conditions grow up seedling eggplant within 5-6 days, and then transfer it to the warm solar place again.

5. At good healthy seedlings large sprouts and juicy leaves, but when landing several seeds in one pot one of plants usually grows larger. At emergence of 2-3 present sheets leave large plant, and cut off weaker at the level of the soil.

6. If seedlings have turned out a little, and seedlings the eggplant is required bigger quantity, it is possible to seat plants. However it is necessary to do it very carefully and accurately as root system eggplant very gentle.

7. Several hours prior to expected sword-play it is abundant moisten soil in pot that the earth lump has completely become impregnated. Slightly press on walls of capacity and take out plants together with earth lump. Carefully separate them, untangling roots. Fill pots with the soil on 1/3 all volumes. Put in them plants together with lump of the earth and fill emptiness in container. Condense the earth and water with warm water.

8. Before change of seedling eggplant on the constant place, young plants have to be about 20 cm high, have 6-7 present sheets. Seedling has to be strong and thickset, leaves quite big and rich green color.

9. That plants perfectly grew and pleased with rich harvest, before change to the greenhouse, pave the way. Bring in the soil 2 glasses of wood ashes, 1 tablespoon of superphosphate, sulfate of potassium and ammonium nitrate on 1 square meter of the area for landing.

10. Dig over surface, level and humidify. Make poles about 20-30 cm in depth. Seedling it is abundant water. Carefully take out together with earth lump, put in the prepared opening and fill up with substrate.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team