How to restore color of things

How to restore color of things

Regardless of of what fabric the clothes have been made, over time she turns pale. For certain, many girls suffered from it. However you should not get rid of the fallen in love things. There are several ways to return to favourite jacket or dress initial color. Even if it will not work, it is worth trying.


1. The way by means of which it is possible to return color of favourite clothes depends on its color. So in advance sort the faded things on several parties. Begin with blue and red fabrics. Rinse them in water in which dissolve normal baking soda in proportions 1 spoon on 1 liter in advance.

2. Wash clothes of soft shades (beige, cream, brown) and rinse.

3. Then place in the solution made of tea tea leaves. Depending on what effect you want to achieve, adjust broth fortresses. If desired subject to this procedure tights, having achieved more saturated shade.

4. To return color to pink fabrics, pour in water for rinsing in ammonia solution. If the clothes of blue or gentle-red color demand updating, add a little vinegar.

5. In case the clothes which have been embroidered with threads have faded, wet it in water in which previously part 2 teaspoons of plain salt (per 1 liter).

6. After that wash it soap in water of room temperature. Surely dry up clothes and iron. Do it from inner side.

7. Black fabrics demand individual approach. Before the last rinsing add a little salt or solution of tobacco to water. It is possible to make it the following method: Dilute 15 grams of tobacco with liter of boiled water. After washing wipe all things with the brush, the wetted in the same solution. The similar effect is reached by means of nutshell broth. Strangely enough, but the ink diluted in water for rinsing is also capable to return to black clothes its former color.

8. Of course, similar council can frighten many. If you do not want to risk, just carry favourite clothes in the next workshop. There experts without effort quickly and qualitatively will help to return to your things their former color.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team