How to restore frying pan

How to restore frying pan

Over time the covering of frying pans wears out, and the preparing food begins to burn and stick. Pig-iron, aluminum and ware from stainless steel it is possible to restore, unlike teflon which damages are hazardous to health. To return to frying pans the lost properties, it is enough to use ingredients which are in each house.

It is required to you

  • - salt;
  • - vegetable oil;
  • - water.


1. At restoration of frying pan open windows. Chad and smell which will proceed from ware during the procedure have to leave the room freely. In addition include extract.

2. Warm strongly polluted frying pan on big fire. Fill enough salt in ware. Heat it within hour, periodically stirring slowly. Gradually salt will get dark shade.

3. Pour out salt and rinse frying pan. Again heat ware on big fire. In the warmed frying pan pour vegetable oil. Leave oil to heat up within 40 minutes.

4. Merge residues of oil, cool ware that oil did not hiss. The last stage how to restore frying pan – to boil in it water several times. In the course of boiling all deposit will depart. Wipe the cleaned pig-iron frying pan with dry rag or paper towel.

5. Restore non-stick coating in pig-iron frying pan which you have cleaned previously. It is for this purpose abundant oil ware vegetable. Put frying pan in the oven warmed up to 160-180 degrees and leave for hour.

6. Restore aluminum frying pan or ware from stainless steel as follows. Heat capacity on strong fire. Fill iodinated salt in frying pan, evenly distribute. The layer has to be not less than 1 cm.

7. Warm up salt within half an hour. It will absorb in itself fossils of food and will clean metal pores. Pour out salt from metal frying pan, wipe ware with dry fabric or napkin.

8. It is possible to save new frying pan with teflon covering before use from formation of deposit. But only you can protect it from damages if you use ware accurately, without scratching surface sharp metal blades.

9. Pour in frying pan water almost to the brim. Boil water within 10 minutes then merge liquid. Drip on teflon covering drop of vegetable oil and distribute on all frying pan.

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