How to seed clover

How to seed clover

Clover – excellent melliferous herb, but it is sowed for several reasons. It forms dense beautiful pochvopokrovny carpet; recognized as good fodder culture for farm animals; is sideraty, the nitrogen enriching the earth of personal plot and organic chemistry. The agrotechnology of cultivation of this plant does not differ in special complexity: enough timely waterings and loosening.

It is required to you

  • - Soil;
  • - Seeds;
  • - Fertilizers;
  • - Water;
  • - Shovel;
  • - Watering can.


1. Prepare the earth. The clover – quite unpretentious plant, however grows on solar sites better and gives real "carpet" from greens and flowers on the friable, filled with organic chemistry soils. It is better to introduce fertilizers with autumn redigging at the rate of 4-5 kg of the rerotting manure on each sq.m. of allotment. Together with manure it makes sense to bring 6-7 g of double superphosphate and 3-5 g of potash fertilizers. In the spring, before growth of green escapes, it will be possible to bring 4-5 g of urea, having scattered granules on earth surface.

2. Choose for crops of clover warm autumn day. It is extremely desirable that air temperature did not rise higher than 15 degrees of heat any more, otherwise there is risk that the plant will start in growth and will die from frost. In type of the fact that seeds quite small, them it is recommended to stir with clean bank sand in proportion 1:3 and to sow in the grooves drawn at distance of 10-15 cm from each other. If desired it is possible to sow clover and randomly, but in this case to increase expense of seeds.

3. Feed up liquid manure. It is necessary to do it in the spring when stem of thermometer does not fall lower than 5-7 degrees of heat and young sprouts of clover will start in growth. For preparation of fertilizer part 15 kg of mullein in 30 l of water, cover with polyethylene film, tie not to allow oxygen access, leave for week. After time remove film, mix fertilizer, part with water in the ratio 1:5 and feed up young sprouts of clover.

4. Spray allotment with solution of intavir or process other means from mean insects when the clover enters budding time. That pinkish-red flowers and emerald greens pleased you as long as possible, feed up clover wood ashes. It contains potassium, magnesium and it is a lot of other useful substances promoting the best vegetatika and also protecting clover flowers from diseases.

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