How to separate the living room into zones and it is beautiful to issue them

How to separate the living room into zones and it is beautiful to issue them

The living room by right is considered the most multipurpose room in the house. There members of household have a rest, there receive guests. Quite often the living room serves as the place for classes as creativity and also home office. There store collections, there leave guests to spend the night. And, at last, in the living room will quite often organize holidays, feasts, parties with dances and games. As you can see, options of use of this room the set, so, has to be and many functional zones, each of which will be used in different situations.

Functional zoning of the living room

For a start it is necessary to define where what zone will be located and also to choose special style of registration for each of them. The second stage is not obligatory, however if you want to make the living room original and stylish, you should not ignore it. The fact is that the combination of different styles in one room will help to separate better different zones and to designate their assignment.

Choosing where to arrange any given zone, surely consider arrangement of windows and sockets. For example, the home office surely has to be lit well, and here in that part of the room where the soft corner will be located, i.e. chairs, sofa, padded stools, coffee table, the TV and so forth, the window is not obligatory at all. Consider also what equipment should be connected correctly to calculate arrangement of sockets.

Do not forget also about the area of each zone. For example, the home office quite often demands very few place: it is enough to establish compact computer table, chair and small curbstone. The recreation area has to be rather spacious, there will be sofas and chairs there. It is worth remembering also that the free space for placement of big table for festive lunch can be required by you.

We look for the general element for all zones

Having defined where what furniture will be established, choose style of registration for each zone. At the same time it is very important to consider both assignment of parts of the room, and feature of furniture and the equipment which will stand there. For example, it is difficult to enter the computer or the home theater in strict classical interior. It is also necessary to define the general element which will unite all parts of the room, emphasizing integrity of interior. It can be shade, pattern, decorative element, textiles and so forth. For example, it is possible to use in each part of the room flower pattern in different variations to give to interior harmony. The stucco molding, the decoration of red shade entered in different color gamma and so forth can also become the quite good uniting element.

The repeating element should not draw too much attention to itself. Especially it is undesirable that it was constantly duplicated within one zone. You need to add only the general, but not identical part to different parts of the room, having considered at the same time features of specific style. The same flower can look differently depending on features of registration.

Recreation area and house office

The choice of styles of interior for the living room will depend directly on the area of the room. If the room is small, you should refuse styles for which use of massive furniture, magnificent decor, large lamps and so forth is important. There is set of other options which will be suitable the vplena for small rooms, and among them there are minimalism, the Scandinavian style, country, Provence, eclecticism and so forth.

For a start define optimum style for the most important part of the living room – recreation areas. If you have decided to install the luxury TV or other modern equipment there, refuse historical styles. Hi-tech, minimalism, Artdeco can become great options. By the way, if you have chosen classics, empire style or baroque for registration of other zone, remember that these styles are perfectly combined with modern variation of Artdeco. Also for recreation area, home office and other zones where the equipment is installed, the Scandinavian style of interior perfectly approaches. It is simple in realization, is beautiful, is perfectly combined with other styles.

If you have decided to organize recreation area with fireplace, you will suit respectable and refined styles more, including classics. However if you want to create relaxed atmosphere, choose country. Hi-tech, especially will also be interesting option if you have chosen fireplace in modern style. Very stylish interiors with fireplaces in modernist style look. They perfectly are suitable both for rest, and for meeting of guests.

Corner for communication and creativity

In the living room also the corner for lonely rest and also classes creativity can be located. During holidays and parties it can serve as the convenient location for quiet communication, quite often happens so that people need to talk alone or to distract from the general fun just a little. If there is opportunity, such corner can be fenced off on the one hand screen to create visibility of privacy. In such functional zone it is appropriate to arrange rocking-chair, floor lamp, rack with books or things for occupation creativity, sofa, chair and so forth. The choice of set of furniture depends only on you.

For registration of corner for rest and communication it is possible to choose different styles, however we recommend to you to pay attention to Dutch. Use of convenient and cozy upholstered furniture with upholstery from natural materials is characteristic of it. Furniture from wood and wattled products will also become good option. Choose natural dark tone, shod decorative elements, compact and strict, but at the same time steady objects which will cause associations with reliability, cosiness, tranquility. It will be very pleasant to have a rest in such situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team