How to update linoleum

How to update linoleum

Linoleum — practical floor covering, however and it under the influence of various adverse factors is capable to lose the original attractive form. There are some receptions helping to update this finishing material.

It is required to you

  • - milk;
  • - water;
  • - special mastics;
  • - woolen fabric;
  • - brushes;
  • - vacuum cleaner;
  • - vodka;
  • - cleaning powders;
  • - potato water;
  • - gasoline or kerosene.


1. First of all, define what linoleum before you  — natural, made of sawdust and linseed oil, or its artificial substitute from PVC-materials. It is easy to make it: natural material has natural oil aroma, at artificial — pungent smell of oilcloth. On reverse of natural linoleum the fabric basis similar to rough burlap is visible. At PVC coverings this basis represents frothed layer, like sponge. Also artificial linoleum without effort bends, is soft and pliable, natural linoleum rigid as plywood, and it cannot be bent.

2. If at you natural linoleum, then for updating of its exterior lies, each half a year rub covering with special mastics. It is necessary to do it, using soft, it is better woolen, fabric and several brushes.

3. In order that natural linoleum has kept as long as possible the original form, at once after laying cover it special, pushing away dirt, and polish with structure. Make this operation three-four times a year.

4. Looking after natural linoleum, vacuum it and wipe with slightly damp rag. Liquid soap is not recommended to be used.

5. If linoleum has strongly faded after many years of operation, prepare solution from equal parts of water and milk and carefully wash out it floor covering.

6. If on your artificial linoleum in the course of its operation there was white raid, try to remove it with means of Cif, Silit , etc. Accurately clean the most polluted areas the powders Comet or "Pemolux".

7. If pollution very strong also does not give in to influences of cleaning agents, prepare the following structure: mix 50 g of the powder Comet, two liters of water and 200 grams of vodka. Wipe with the received mix problem places, after that wash floor with clear water. This recipe is suitable only for artificial linoleum.

8. You remove spots from coffee, iodine, or felt-tip pen from the surface of artificial linoleum small amount of kerosene, gasoline or turpentine. But consider that these substances are harmful to covering, use them in the minimum doses.

9. To return gloss, to both artificial, and natural linoleum, wipe it with water in which potatoes cooked. It has to be slightly warm and unsalted.

10. Relief linoleum can be purified from dirt by means of the washing vacuum cleaner.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team