How to work with tile

How to work with tile

Tile – popular finishing material. If the nobility of the rule of its processing and laying, it is possible to issue quickly and qualitatively wall. Work with tile will not require the expensive tool, but plitkorez it is necessary get.

It is required to you

  • - plitkorez
  • - glass-cutter
  • - abrasive wheel
  • - water
  • - brush with rigid bristle


1. Work with tile demands attentiveness and accuracy. The ceramics – fragile material can also easily crack with small blow. Before laying the tile is sorted by color, the size, select pattern. Simultaneous it is examined regarding chips and cracks.

2. During laying tile often it is necessary to cut, chop and pritachivat tile. For this purpose use the inexpensive tool – plitkorez. It is equipped with the cutting disk and bath which is filled with water. During cutting of tile the place of cut is washed by liquid and the dust inevitable at processing of dry tile is not formed.

3. If there is no opportunity to get plitkorez or the volume of mounting work of tile small, for cutting it is possible to use the Bulgarian equipped with disk for works on stone. But in this case not to avoid large amount of dust therefore it is desirable to saw ceramics on the street. If there is no such opportunity, walls and interior cover previously with polyethylene film.

4. The recabin of tile is made by means of the glass-cutter or pobeditovy cutter. The tile is put on plain surface, in the right place simple pencil draw the line, then carried out on it by the glass-cutter or cutter. It is necessary not only harrow glaze, but also to cut through top layer of ceramic basis. After it the tile is taken two hands and its bottom side strike the line of cut about subject, suitable for this purpose (for example, the table edge).

5. If it is necessary to cut tile for floor, the recabin is made differently: at first do notches from reverse side of cloth, then – with front. Then in the area of the machine cut strike blow with hammer of such force that on ceramics in the right place the crack was formed. Pritochka – process by means of which even the edges of tile after cutting or the recabin. For this purpose use emery bar of large or average granularity.

6. Before laying the tile is retted surely in water. It is necessary in order that the ceramics did not absorb moisture from glue structure that will weaken connection and can lead to falling of tile. For this purpose or moisten tile rear side, using rigid brush, or ret stoneware in capacity in water. Such preparation is necessary in case in work cement and sand solution, glue structure or mastics is used. If the tile is going to be stacked on dense oil paint, it, on the contrary, it will be necessary to dry well.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team