Kitchen for giving: assembly, secrets of inexpensive purchase

Kitchen for giving: assembly, secrets of inexpensive purchase

There is a wish that not only on the seasonal dacha, but also in lodge it was beautiful, cozy and comfortable. Even if there is not a lot of place in the dwelling, it is possible to allocate several meters for complete kitchen. Not any master will arrive to the suburb to bring together kitchen, but it can quite be made. And not only the man, but also the woman will be able to cope with gloss with this task.

Kitchen dacha furniture: secrets of favorable purchase

Of course, it is possible to bring old kitchen from the city, and there to buy another. But if lockers in a deplorable state, it is better to buy new furniture. Such will serve longer, and all this time will please owners with brilliant exterior.

New furniture will hit the family budget not hard if the kitchen cheap is bought. It is possible to get economy class, it perfectly looks. Perhaps, the only shortcoming is that such kitchen is made of chipboard. But if to avoid frequent water ingress on doors, lockers will serve long time.

Such small kitchens which very much byudzhetna, it is possible to buy in "Auchan" shops, IKEA, "Lerua Merlen", to Ob. If there is own transport, transportation will manage cheap. It is possible to order delivery. Some online stores offer is fixed cheap delivery to area. It is possible to buy set here and to expect it supply on the appointed day.

So, cheap you will be able to buy kitchen if is:

- inexpensive delivery;

- kitchen of economy class;

- autographic assembly.

Fascinating mounting of kitchen

Assembly of furniture – interesting occupation especially as it is simple to mount complete kitchen. Economy class sets usually do not include excessive decor therefore special difficulties in process will not be. That it was even simpler:

- read stickers on box to understand where what lies;

- do not try to collect several lockers at once, begin with one;

- do not lose small parts, it is better to pour out accessories of each package in separate transparent plastic container;

- better to measure 5 times, to fasten once;

- follow the instruction as in everyone sets can be the nuances.

Often in the instruction there are schemes of assembly of objects of kitchen. Photos reflect process of mounting of lockers. If you for the first time perform such work, do not know what certain bolt, the self-tapping screw, etc. is intended for, pay attention to the list of accessories. In the special table it is written how many similar parts are available and are drawn as they look.

Assembly and installation of kitchen

Let's begin with cabinet. Take bottom part if on its face side there are openings for four legs, fasten them self-tapping screws. It is for this purpose better to use the screw driver, but it is possible also portable cross-shaped screwdriver.

Further, by means of that confirmee or as he is called still, the euroscrew, connect sidewalls to bottom lockers and socle insert. It will close legs. Usually near opening for the euroscrew there is one more, slightly bigger. It is intended for wooden round loose tongues which are delivered in set of kitchen too.

For the best fastening they need to be imprisoned on glue. In the same way attach two top dostochki-panels if it is cabinet under washing.

While the design dries, fasten small self-tapping screws of loop to doors. Now they need to be fixed on kitchen box. It is better to do it with the assistant. Further, doors level by means of weakening of screw on loops, then again twist it.

Now measure two diagonals of reverse side of locker, they have to be identical. Only after that beat to back cover veneer sheet the glossy party inside.

It was necessary to fasten handles of opening of doors, to level legs on height and to put locker into place. If it is intended under sink, washing from above is put.

If it is work table, bring together one more or two, put them nearby, from above put table-top. Usually it fastens on wooden round loose tongues too. Close bolts plastic stubs under color of furniture which are delivered in set too.

Suspended regiments gather by the same principle, but the top panel at once fastens to side and bottom side. On back it is necessary to fasten adjustable canopies or loops. To be led the shelf on wooden wall of country house, use long self-tapping screws or dowel with the self-tapping screw. In the latter case it will be necessary to drill opening in wall, to enclose in it dowel, to slightly hammer it with the hammer, and then to twist the self-tapping screw.

Important nuances

If in set there are no legs, there will be thrust bearings. They are fastened by small self-tapping screws to the lower side faces of cabinet, from four parties.

If table with the moving-forward box, then at first attach small screws to two side parts of table (so far it in not collected look) roller guides wheels forward.

Then collect box. At first connect round loose tongues, euroscrews 2 side and one back panel, level them on diagonal, beat plywood bottom. After that attach front part of cabinet and the handle on couplers clowns.

On the lower sides of box (right and left) fasten roller guides wheels back. Further, guides of box are inserted into similar parts of table and on it assembly of set is complete. It was necessary to attach kitchen apron, but also without it new furniture in country house will look is beautiful and fresh!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team