Landing of onion sets in the spring

Landing of onion sets in the spring

The most convenient and low-cost way to provide itself and the family onions – to plant in the spring onion sets. It can be got in greengroceries, specialized shops and in the markets. Not to be disappointed in purchase and to receive good harvest, it is necessary to be able to choose and buy onion sets, and then also it is correct to put him.

How to buy onions of pilferers

Landing of onions sevky demands preliminary preparatory work which begins with the choice of grade. Upon purchase of onions sevka pay attention to quality of bulbs as its state directly to be reflected in harvest. If onions of pilferers damp, on it numerous sprouts and backs are already visible – you should not buy it. Correct pilferers it has to be well dry-through, the top scales have to be removed freely. It is worth taking an interest at the seller about the name of grade of onions sevka. The grade "Shtutgarter Rizen" is most preferable, it is less subject to rotting, quickly ripens and has pleasant sharp rich taste.

Having brought home bought pilferers, take care of drying onions – scatter it on plain surface with good access of air and leave before landing. In 1-2 days prior to landing it is necessary to touch onions, to remove scales which keep poorly and to wet in water with weak solution of margantsovokisly potassium for 30 minutes. After that water should be drained, filled in onions with other water and to leave directly before landing of onions sevky. During this time on bulbs backs will arise, but they will be still very small therefore landing will not be able to injure them.

How to plant onions of pilferers

Normal landing of onions sevky demands responsible approach that work of the gardener has not gone to waste. The bed prepared, dug up, filled with fertilizers needs to be marked grooves in which you will plant onions of pilferers. Width between furrows of 20-25 cm, between bulbs in row of 10-15 cm. Too dense landing of onions sevky will lead to shadowing of landings of onions when the feather appears, and he will grow up small.

The bed has to be protected from wind, it is good to be lit with the sun and not to have abrupt is sloping that when watering water lingered on it.

Luk very much love moisture and purity therefore the bed needs to be kept clean, regularly to water, feed up and process from wreckers, only in this case it is possible to hope to grow up good harvest.

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