Mangold: we grow up on windowsill

Mangold: we grow up on windowsill

Mangold (beet sheet) - not widespread, little-known salad plant at us. Meanwhile, the plant has medicinal properties, contains well of nutritious and vitamin substances and absolutely simple in cultivation.

It is simple to grow up mangold in room conditions. Of course, it grows slightly longer, than normal salad. But its useful color leaves can be used till late fall. Besides, these plants, having smart foliage, very beautifully look on windowsill.

When and how to carry out crops?

Seeds of sheet beet sow from spring to June. In house conditions at availability of light window, it can begin to be grown up since the end of February - the beginning of March. The daylight hours is sufficient for distillation.

Honor seeds at mangold same, as well as at beet, have the large size and are similar to balls. Before crops they are killed in warm water within a day. If to leave seeds longer, then it is necessary to change several times in day water. Waters has to be time in 10 more, than the volume of seeds. It is possible to spread out seeds on wet towel wipes and to place them under plastic bag. So they will quicker bulk up and will sprout.

Crops of seeds is carried out to spacious boxes or pots. Capacity for cultivation of mangold should choose as not less than 15 cm in depth as roots leave deep into pot.

If crops is carried out to ready soil from shop, then it is good to add a little humus to it or organic fertilizer (is on sale in shop). Sheet beet demands the strengthened natural power supply. It is better to limit mineral fertilizing. They increase risk of formation of excess ""chemistry"" in leaves. It is possible to add wood charcoal (ashes) which will enrich it with potassium and microelements to the soil, will reduce acidity. The mangold, as well as beet, does not take out the raised soil zakislennost.

In the prepared tanks with the humidified soil display the sprouted balls on depth of 2...3 cm of Semyon not less than 5 cm from each other have at distance. Further excess and weak seedlings pull out izpochva. It increases the level of lighting, ventilation and gives the additional area of power supply for plants. Density of standing between seedlings - not less than 10...12 cm, differently do not receive the large socket of leaves.

Care for mangold

Good lighting, watering and loosening - the basic in cultivation of sheet beet. Tanks after shoots expose on well lit windowsill in the house. Adapt to conditions of the room of plant not badly. The most favorable temperature for plants - moderate, from 16 to 20 wasps.

Water mangold it is abundant also regularly otstoyanny water of room temperature. Between waterings the top layer of soil has to dry up a little. Loosening is done after each watering when soil slightly is weather-beaten. It will provide free access of air to roots.

Cut of leaves and scapes with leaves is begun later 1... 1.5 months at early grades after shoots, and 2 months later - at mid-season grades. Penechki cannot leave on plants. They can rot. The heart - ""gold"" stock of leaves should be protected from hit in it of water and damages. After cut if leaves began to become shallow, it is necessary to feed up mangold. Liquid fertilizing, for example, ""Ideal"", Biogumus, ""Rainbow"" will approach.

If there is in the house balcony, loggia, then tanks with plants it is possible to take out there in the early spring when pass frosts. The mangold perfectly grows up to autumn cold weather in the open air. One plant of mangold can give up to 1 kg of appetizing useful leaves during the season.

High content of carotene, iron, calcium do sheet beet very useful, especially for children. Besides, it is easily acquired, it is easier, than spinach. Leaves prepare as spinach, and fleshy scapes as asparagus. The mangold is used in cookery in fresh, boiled, stewed, fermented, marinated look. Not really there is a lot of mangold grades on sale, but there are multi-colored mixes from which plants of various coloring grow.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team