Mounting of the PVC plastic windows

Mounting of the PVC plastic windows

At plastic windows from profile PVC the mass of advantages. First, they have the excellent noise-insulating, heat-insulating and waterproofing properties. Secondly, their price for the last ten years fell strongly and continues to fall. The ready block with plastic window can cost from 5000 rubles, and sometimes in addition below. Thus, the plastic windows which were in the nineties inaccessible to most of the population became available to all. They are put both in city, and in rural dwellings.

It is important to remember that all qualities which are favourably distinguishing plastic windows from ordinary windows are shown only at their correct mounting. Often low-skilled workers are incapable to observe technology of installation according to state standard specification and then from joints of windows with walls will blow, they can freeze through and grow mouldy.

If customer reviews about the firms establishing windows in your city, negative can be established window most. The measurer, however, should be called all the same to make window the window suitable to your aperture.

Tools and consumables

Qualitatively to establish plastic window from profile PVC, you need small set of tools and the minimum skills and also one-two assistants (are desirable).

Installation of windows demands not only the corresponding skills. Tools will be necessary for you: assembly gun under foam, professional cylinders for this gun, drill (for concrete - the perforator), wide chisel, the small palette, knife, the screw driver, the sprinkler for water. Besides, anchor bolts, waterproofing tape and hydropermeable tape, cement or gipsotsementny screed and corrosion-proof self-tapping screws will be useful.

Installation of window

It is possible for the best isolation previously to fill the lower profile of the window with polyurethane foam. Further it is necessary to clean off from window opening chisel all pollution, if necessary the aperture needs to be leveled. If it is required, from frames it is possible to pull out double-glazed windows. For this purpose it is necessary to unbend accurately fillets by means of knife. It is possible to establish window frame, having slightly fastened it on horizontally (in sides) the directed self-tapping screws, but without twisting completely. Further it is necessary to level by means of the level or plumb frame in the window block. After that it is possible to begin to twist the self-tapping screws directed up and down, likewise leveling frame on level. At alignment it is also possible to use wedges. When everything is leveled, it is possible to tighten self-tapping screws. The window is fixed now. If you took out double-glazed windows, it is possible to return them back. Now the slot between frame and aperture needs to fill with polyurethane foam, and to do it with stock. After foam drying the surplus is removed knife. Additional isolation if necessary is carried out by means of waterproof samokleyayushcheysya of tape from within and water-permeable – outside. The tape then will be closed by slopes.


We pass to installation of windowsill. For its adjustment on height we need two bars of the necessary thickness. The windowsill is put on them and leveled on level. It is better to pull together slot between bars with cement screed. The windowsill is established in assembly groove under window on small amount of polyurethane foam. From above cargo is put. When foam is polymerized, its surplus can be removed with knife and to start alignment of slopes. Qualitatively installed the PVC plastic windows is guarantee of their reliability and durability. In this work it is necessary to pay attention to respect for technology in all nuances that it was not necessary to correct errors then.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team