Natural means instead of household chemicals

Natural means instead of household chemicals

You probably heard already everything about pollution sources of the environment, such as automotive exhausts and emissions from the industrial enterprises. But you sometime thought that household chemicals can spoil ecology in your house? One of the main air pollution sources indoors - household chemicals. To clean the house in the natural way, not only it is safer for health, but also it is more harmless to the environment.


1. Benefit of use natural cleaning sredstvnaturalny cleansers can give more benefits, than you assume. First, simply and quickly to make them. In their basis - inexpensive components which will be almost in each house. Besides, you save money as natural means cost cheaper, and can be applied in various purposes. For example, you can use the same means for washing of kitchen, the bathroom or floors in the house. And the most important - such means will keep health of your family as do not contain hazardous substances.

2. Glass poverkhnostidlya that to wash up glass surfaces, use the lemon juice mixed with water in proportion 1:10. Other way: mix 1/4 cups of vinegar with 1 l of water. Spray the washing solution on glass surface and wipe with the blank newspaper or fabric from microfibre.

3. Metal you poverkhnostivozmit equal parts of salt, vinegar and flour to make paste. Apply paste on the polluted surfaces with soft fabric and leave for 1 hour. Then purify the dried paste with pure fabric. For cleaning of small metal objects use lemon piece: having dipped it in salt, remove pollution.

4. Workers it is possible to poverkhnostiochistit working surfaces in kitchen by means of water with soda. Soda perfectly deletes fat pollution. Mix glass of soda with glass of water and wipe surfaces with scouring sponge. Wipe dry pure fabric.

5. MebelSmeshayte olive oil with juice of one lemon. Rub mix with circular motions, using soft fabric. The combination of oil and acid of lemon juice adds gloss to wooden furniture and provides natural fresh smell.

6. I sit down to remove KaminChtoba fireplace, use the tartare sauce divorced with water. Apply it on the surfaces covered with soot, wait so far it will dry and clean with pure fabric.

7. PolyRastvor of vinegar and water will perfectly clean the majority of types of tile, linoleum and wooden floors in your house. Add one cup of vinegar on 3-5 liters of warm water and wash up floors. There will be no vinegar smell left subsequently if to add one tablespoon of lemon juice.

8. DezinfektsiyaBezvrednyy disinfectant for toilet bowl - baking soda. Brush with soda microbes, fungi, and raid from toilet bowl perfectly are removed. To remove the turned yellow enamel, it is not obligatory to use bleach - just fill a few drills on spots. For the maximum cleaning effect mix two teaspoons drills, four tablespoons of vinegar, three cups of hot water and 1/4 packs of liquid soap. Put ready means with damp fabric or the spray. Wipe surface with pure soft fabric.

9. Air in pomeshcheniiosvezhitel of air is left in air by harmful chemicals. Instead use the natural freshener prepared independently, using the herbs, spices and also which are dried up or fresh flowers. Plants decoction is prepared on slow fire within 15-20 minutes. Add to it nutmeg, cinnamon or vanilla. In the bedroom it is possible to hang up textile sacks with lavender, cinnamon or carnation. Such ""assistants"" are effective and ecologically safe. They will make air in your house fresh and healthy and also will help to save money.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team