Nylon couplers: features of products

Nylon couplers: features of products

Nylon couplers – universal remedy for performance of set of installation works. Recently they have become widespread. Nylon (polyamide) is kind of plastic, unlike polypropylene it is stronger and flexible. Other names of couplers – kabelbinder, cable collars.


The nylon tie represents flexible, narrow strip. On the one hand there is lock, and on other party there are cloves (ledges). When tightening product they interfere with opening of the lock.

Length of couplers varies from 60 mm to 1.5 m. In need of them it is possible to connect among themselves. Distinguish the disposable (not disconnected) and reusable (disconnected) products. 

Nylon couplers differ in high strength, they are plastic, resistant to humidity, high, low temperatures and differences of these indicators. Material does not support the burning process. Features of nylon couplers:

  • excellent durability (is stronger, than polypropylene);
  • high plasticity (above, than at polypropylene);
  • maintaining properties at temperatures from-85 to +85 wasps;
  • resistance to humidity;
  • excellent rupture strength.

The maximum load depends on tape width:

  • 5 mm - up to 8 kg;
  • 6 mm - up to 18 kg;
  • 8 mm - up to 22 kg;
  • 6-7.9 mm - up to 55 kg;
  • 9 mm - up to 80 kg;
  • 6 mm - do110 kg.

Nylon couplers have the specified characteristics thanks to in production of quality raw materials.

Range of application

Products have initially been intended for installation works, in particular for fixing of wires, electrocables in plaits. Recently couplers have found set of applications in various spheres. Now they are used for fastening of cables to various surfaces, for pipe laying of small diameter.

Couplers apply to the organization of loops, wires in the system unit of the computer, to fixing of light-weight constructions, advertizing elements. Products have found distribution and in the sphere of packing of various products, including food.


In comparison with plastic collars nylon couplers stronger can also maintain considerable loadings. Note also excellent plasticity therefore it is difficult to break products. Nylon couplers keep properties at low temperatures, nevertheless it is better to establish them at temperature not lower than-10 wasps.

Products will be suitable for operation outside of buildings, but it is necessary to exclude influence of sunshine. Under the influence of the increased humidity they do not lose merits unlike metal couplers.

Couplers from nylon are simple and convenient in operation, they very quickly fix the necessary elements that allows to save time for mounting. Use of couplers allows to achieve receiving the reliable, strong sheaves providing convenience of operation.

On sale there are products of different color: blue, red, yellow, green, black. It allows to use couplers for marking of wires, cables and also to apply them to other purposes.

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