Perennials: beautiful and unpretentious

Perennials: beautiful and unpretentious

Question number one from the modern eternally hurrying summer resident can sound, perhaps, so: ""How to make garden effective, bright and at the same time to find for it time minimum?"" We Will consider the list of perennials which will help to satisfy this condition.

It is required to you

  • Allotments (small pieces of rhizome with kidneys) the following plants:
  • - daylily;
  • - grassy peony;
  • - kotovnik;
  • - dubravny sage;
  • - panicled phlox;
  • - host;
  • - geykher;
  • - astilba.


1. The daylily is considered the most unpretentious of all list. At the same time he is unusually beautiful and undemanding to soils, fertilizing and watering. Its grades - from white shades to densely - violet are magnificent. Height - from 30 to 100 cm. The location is solar. Leaving comes down to removal of deflowered inflorescences in the summer and prewinter cutting. The shelter for the winter does not need.

2. Peony grassy - classics of our gardens. It is desirable to pick up three grades - early, average and late-flowering, then it will be possible to admire them nearly a month. Perfectly looks both in composition, and as accent plant in the middle of lawn. Solar location. Leaving - fertilizing and prewinter cutting.

3. Kotovnik still seldom meets in gardens though this remarkable dolgotsvetushchy plant, spreading over flower bed from June to August with gentle blue cloud. It is possible to put couple of grades - lower (30-40 cm) and above (50-80 cm). It is perfectly combined with all grades of roses therefore it is appropriate in rosary. Does not demand leaving. Sun or half-shade.

4. The sage dubravny (forest) also remarkably is in harmony with roses and other flowers on bed. Its harmonious inflorescences candles (white, pink, lilac, violet) long decorate garden. Leaving comes down to cutting of inflorescences and adding soil to the bush basis in the fall.

5. Phlox panicled - the ""grandmother's"" flower loved by many generations of gardeners. Easily shares and takes root, blossoms magnificently and brightly. Demands processings by special medicines at diseases (in rainy summer) and fertilizing in the spring and before blossoming. Solar location.

6. Khosta - dekorativnolistvenny plant which is perfectly combined with all above-mentioned. There is set of grades - with small and enormous leaves of yellow, green and even blue shades. Perfectly looks in any flower bed, in rosary, with coniferous plants and bushes. It is unpretentious, grows in the sun and in half-shade.

7. Geykhera - one more plant with beautiful foliage which will decorate any composition and will give odds even to the blossoming plants. Growing in the sun and in half-shade, it is surprisingly unpretentious, does not need fertilizing, well transfers drought. Leaving consists in autumn adding soil to the bush basis that it has not frozen.

8. The Astilba - very effektnotsvetushchy plant loving moisture and shadowing. There are grades from tiny (20 cm) to very high (150 cm), from snow-white to densely - burgundy, - for every taste. Requires to itself attention minimum - adding soil to roots and watering in the period of deficiency moisture.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team