Pine black Austrian as decoration of any landscape

Pine black Austrian as decoration of any landscape

The black pine, or Austrian, under natural conditions grows in the west of the Balkan Peninsula and also in Central and Southern Europe. Most often it can be found in mountains at the height up to 1500 m above sea level therefore many gardeners call this look mountain black pine.

Features of look

The direct trunk with black-gray pyramidal krone which by old age becomes umbrella-shaped is characteristic of pine black. Its elastic and strong wood contains large amount of pitch. This grade differs in frost resistance and small insistence to structure of the soil that allows to use it for landing in northern latitudes. Thanks to dense needles and dark coloring of trunk the pine black creates shady plantings.

The tree reaches height of 20-40 m, it grows in youth slowly, duration of his life is 350-400 years. The black pine is photophilous, but can transfer side shadowing. It is resistant to city conditions and well grows on various soils, but on soil poor in lime develops worse.

Blossoming begins at the end of April or the beginning of May. Yellowy-brown cones of black pine are on the short scapes located horizontally on branches, they reveal for the third year. At of this type dark green needles of long 8-14 cm, straight line or bent, quite often twisted.


The decorative grade of black pine of Nana with spherical or shirokopiramidalny krone grows up to 3 m high. Most often it is used in landscape gardening, at the device of the Alpine hills and stony gardens. At Nana vertical, very dense escapes, and needles of black-green color. This photophilous plant, it grows in shadow badly and can even die. Nana prefers limy soils with good drenazhy and badly transfers drought. In droughty time the tree needs to be watered in the evening. The black pine Pyramidalis differs in narrow krone of pyramidal form. Height of adult tree is about 8 m, and diameter of krone — 3 m. For landing it is possible to use any soil, this grade grows on all views of the soil, however the good drainage is necessary for it. Pyramidalis is steady at frost, smoke and gas contamination therefore it can be landed quietly in the city. In the summer young pines need to be protected from the scorching sun. They effectively look in landscape compositions, city parks, landings in avenues and small gardens. The pine black Spielberg is considered slowly growing grade, by 10 years it has 1.5 m diameter. Because of small growth it is often recommended for landing on personal plots. Besides, this grade can be grown up on the Alpine hills or in containers.

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