Room antennas for TVs: features, types

Room antennas for TVs: features, types

Room antennas for TVs are compact and easy-to-work, mobile and do not demand special knowledge for control. They have number of the features and several types.

Now room antennas for TVs are demanded. The choice of such intake – difficult task which solution depends on many factors: number of desirable channels, availability of hindrances, area of accommodation.

Features of room antennas for the TV

This type of antennas is suitable for those who live in zone of good signal. On the characteristics, they considerably concede to stationary external devices. Only in the presence of television tower, they can provide high quality of signal.

It is possible to refer to features:

- Compactness – it does not take a lot of place in the house;

- Mobility – it it is possible from one room in another, to connect to other TV, to establish to other apartment or the house; - Low cost – it is possible to get at comparative low price, than satellite antennaosnovny shortcomings of antennas of this type is their low performance, need of arrangement not less than 30 km from television center, obligation of exact control.

Types of room antennas

Allocate two main types of antennas: - Core represent two metal short moustaches, with a total length up to one meter. For need of setup of the antenna they can be bent in several places. To receive the accurate image of one channel, it is necessary to make a lot of effort to adjust it. But sometimes happens so that having adjusted one channel, settings of another get off. Therefore it is better to ask for the help the master who adjusts it in somebody the average mode - Frame work in the decimeter mode. It represents metal frame, in the form of open ring on perpendicular framework. It has the same characteristics, as previous therefore there is no special difference between them. Depending on the number of channels, it is necessary to be guided by the optimum range of signal – meter or decimeter. Now the new type of room antennas – the log-periodic all-wave antennas calculated on decimeter range is in great demand. They can catch large number of channels, giving the qualitative image. It is the best of all to buy the active room antenna for the TV. It is characterized by higher coefficient of strengthening. However, when choosing, you should not forget that each antenna has the frequency range.

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