Secrets of care for arrowroot

Secrets of care for arrowroot

Arrowroot – houseplant with decorative leaves. They have oblong shape and effective color which instantly attracts look. As well as any other beauty, arrowroot has very difficult character. You should spend many forces and patience to please it.

The homeland of arrowroot are the Brazilian tropics therefore in room conditions it has to contain in heat. In the summer +20-25 degrees will be optimum temperature for it, and in the winter – it is not lower than 18 degrees. The arrowroot does not transfer drafts, on wind its leaves quickly dry and are displaced. Also it is impossible to put pot with it on cold floor or windowsill. Residents of the southern areas can take out arrowroot on balcony in the summer, but at the same time it needs to be protected from direct sunshine and wind.

The plant does not love bright light. Even at northern windows the arrowroot can turn pale and whither. If you have noticed that your beauty has begun to feel badly, try to transfer her deep into rooms, here to her will be much more comfortable. Late fall, when daylight hours short, you can place arrowroot closer to window.

The plant blossoms it is abundant. At the correct leaving the flower arrows are formed all summer. However they do not differ in special beauty. On one arrow in cone white, pale yellow or light pink flowers are collected.

It is necessary to water arrowroot it is abundant in the summer. In turn, in the winter the plant does not need frequent intake of moisture, will be one-two times a week enough. You watch that soil was not overdried. The arrowroot very much loves sprayings. If you have hard water, on leaves there will be unpleasant white spots. It is necessary to spray plant only with soft water or to place pot on pallet with damp moss or haydite.

Change is required annually. Use soil easy and air-permeable. You can add to it sand, pieces of bark or wood charcoal. Choose pot wide and superficial as the root system of arrowroot develops horizontally.

If leaves of plant became faded, yellow or ugly grow in different directions, can shear them at the roots. Usually this procedure is carried out late fall and place pot in the dark place. In month at arrowroot will grow new leaves. By the way, after such hairstyle the bush begins to develop more magnificently and symmetrically.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team