Technology of cultivation of cucumber culture

Technology of cultivation of cucumber culture

The cucumber is the most popular vegetable, and the total area of crops of cucumber occupies about 13% of all crops.

The cucumber is very whimsical to weather patterns and very much loves heat. Seeds sprout at temperature of 12-14 °C. Best of all this vegetable culture develops in the afternoon at temperature of 25-30 °C, and at night it has to be not below 15 °C.

Especially warmly it is required during blossoming. If temperature during this period falls up to 16 °C, the plant many times will fructify less. But the most dangerous to development are sharp temperature drops, in that case fruits can not be at all.

Except heat the cucumber very much loves moisture. As the reason for that serve big leaves and roots which are located nearly on surface.

The cucumber belongs to early cultures. What means: the more light he will receive, the result will be better. The most optimum this open place with good lighting.

Before sowing cucumber seeds, it is necessary to fertilize the earth minerals. It is better to use for crops seeds of the 2nd or even 3 year endurance. At such plants due to bigger formation of female flowers (there is the best self-pollination), the harvest is much more of others. Initially seeds are soaked in 3% salt solution, after are carefully washed with water and dried. After everything seeds have to undergo heat treatment, temperature has to be about 55 °C and it is necessary to stand about 6 hours them. 

Soil before crops needs to be measured, its temperature at depth of 7-8 cm has to be not less than 8-11 °C. It is better to do it at the beginning of May, further deep frosts it is hardly possible to expect. 

After there were first shoots, it is necessary to prorykhlit the earth up to 8 cm in depth.

Herbicides will help to cope with weeds. 

The optimum level of soil dampness for this vegetable is considered humidity of 80%. So it is always necessary to watch it. If the place is picked up correctly and on it a lot of sunlight gets, then evaporation of moisture happens much quickly, and it harms quantity of harvest.

As soon as the plant gives 2 presents opened (or semi-opened) leaf it is necessary to carry out the first processing from diseases. It is necessary to use for this purpose fungicides. Further processings are carried out with small interval in 12 at most 15 days.

It is better to make harvesting manually, without using any industrial devices. It is possible to reap crop each 2 days, it is not recommended to thicket.

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