Than to process raspberry

Than to process raspberry

That raspberry on the garden site bore healthy and tasty fruits, it is necessary to provide appropriate care behind it as before harvesting, and later. Raspberry is one of those plants which is very much loved by wreckers. Effectively to fight against the bugs spiders striking bush it is necessary to know than and when to spray raspberry.


1. Strawberry malinny weevil - one of the strongest wreckers of raspberry. He has received the name because of the characteristic structure of the head: in its front part it has special body - golovotrubka. By means of it the wrecker devours leaves and flowers of plant. The weevil that he postpones larvae in buds and flowers of raspberry is especially dangerous. Winter the wrecker waits under fallen leaves. How to struggle with weevil? Begin fight in the spring: prior to blossoming of raspberry. Spray bushes with such medicines as "Spark", Konfidor and it similar. Konfidor is effective insecticide. It has the low consumption rate and the long period of action (up to 4 weeks). Besides raspberry, apply it as well on vegetables: potatoes, tomato, cucumbers. Medicine influences the wrecker if directly gets on it. In addition Konfidor gets into leaves and escapes: the insect who has eaten such leaflet perishes. Konfidor is resistant to washing off by rain and is effective in hot weather.

2. The Malinny bug can destroy up to 100% of harvest. Also he can make raspberry unsuitable to realization and processing. It is frightening trend. The bug eats fruits and young leaves on bushes. For fight against the wrecker spray raspberry during budding with such medicines as Tsedis, Konfidor, "Spark". The soil near bushes and also row-spacings it is necessary to dig over carefully in the period of okuklivaniye of larvae of bug. The medicine "Spark" represents insecticide of broad spectrum of activity. It is issued in tablets. Dissolve one tablet in 10 liters of water and spray raspberry in dry windless weather in the morning or in the evening. Leaves need to be moistened evenly. During processing use personal protection equipment, and later wash with soap of hand and the person. Medicine can be mixed with other insecticides and fungicides which have no alkaline reaction.

3. Malinny komarik (pobegovy midge) quite often strike raspberry bushes. Wreckers postpone the larvae in cracks on bark of young escapes. Larvae begin to parasitize: it leads to usykhaniye of escapes. It is possible to fight against them by twofold spraying by carbophos solution. This substance also belongs to insecticides. Dissolve 60 grams of carbophos in 8 l of water. On 10 bushes spend 10 l of water. During spraying moisten leaves evenly. You carry out processing to dry and windless weather. The period of effect of carbophos - 1.5-2 weeks. After that processing can be repeated again. Effect of medicine begins in 3-4 hours. Remember that the last processing needs to be carried out in 45 days prior to harvesting. In addition, fight against komarika digging up of the soil in the spring and in the fall. The spoiled escapes cannot be reanimated: cut out and burn them.

4. The bundle malinny moth represents little butterfly which larva gnaws raspberry kidneys, and after takes root into escapes at all. Old landings of malinny bushes are especially subject to attack. Therefore surely cut off very old otplodonosivshy escapes, and later burn them. During swelling of kidneys spray raspberry with the same medicines, as at fight against malinny bug: Tsedis, Konfidor, "Spark".

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