Than to warm old wooden house outside

Than to warm old wooden house outside

It is possible to call not any old wooden house standard of warmth and cosiness, especially in the conditions of long, hard winter. For this reason for owners of such houses it is necessary to master technology of external warming of walls thoroughly.

Warming of external walls of old wooden house – quite difficult task demanding competent and thorough approach. Today the best material for warming mineral wool is considered. It is possible to live in the house which walls are covered with this moisture-proof and strong heater all the year round, and even in the most severe frosts in it it will be warm and comfortable.

Stage first. Vapor barrier

For vapor barrier of walls usually use aluminum foil, polyethylene or PVC film, also roofing material sometimes is used. The main objective of this procedure is in to allowing condensate congestion on house walls. Excessive moisture promises nothing good as it is the reason of mold growth and fungus, and in certain cases and the reason of rotting of wooden blank of wall.

Paroizoliruyushchy material it is necessary to fix to outer surface of walls nails, at the same time it is necessary to take care of that all its joints were hermetic and did not pass moisture. In order that under film or foil condensate did not accumulate, in wall it is necessary to drill openings with a diameter of 2 mm. The distance between openings has to be not less than 1 meter. If the house is built of felling, in openings there is no need.

Stage second. Framework and thermal insulation

The framework is necessary for strong and equal laying of heat-insulating material, in this case – mineral wool. Generally for these purposes pine rails which thickness is equal to half of thickness of layer of mineral wool are used. It is the best of all to fix rails to wall by means of self-tapping screws, however it is possible for these purposes to use also nails. In laying of mineral wool there is nothing difficult, but it is necessary to know that the best effect is reached due to mounting of two layers of this material. Stacking mineral wool in two layers, it is easy to get rid of all undesirable slots through which moisture and cold can filter.

Stage third. Vibration insulation and double framework

To cover walls with vibration insulation layer, usually use polyethylene film which fix brackets to the framework holding mineral wool. The purpose of this procedure is in providing additional protection of heat-insulating material against moisture. After the anti-vibration layer is attached, it is necessary to make timber frame construction to which the building facade covering will fasten. For construction of framework pine levels 2.5-3 cm thick are used. (Between framework and layer of vibration insulation) it is necessary to fix the dense metal gauze in the lower part of walls to protect the house from penetration of rodents and insects. It is possible to sheathe facade wooden boards, special front lining or siding. If to choose from these three options of covering then siding out of competition as this material durable, strong, besides its mounting is nothing difficult.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team