The ideas of interior for the one-room apartment

The ideas of interior for the one-room apartment

The apartment with only one living room can create to the owner many problems, especially if not one person lives in it. Anyway the room should undertake several functions at once – bedrooms, the living room, perhaps, office or the nursery.

It is possible to make the fashionable and modern studio apartment when all rooms – the room, the kitchen and the hall, are united in uniform space of the normal one-room apartment. Such design perfectly is suitable for life of lonely creative natures. Here the principle of zoning of space and exarticulation of functional islands – partitions, furniture, color, different heights of floor, ceiling, illumination and so forth works in various ways.

That such apartment looked wholly, all elements of furniture have to be sustained in one style and tone decision. Then the room will look and be felt as uniform organism. One more important component is the functionality of furniture and lack of abundance of decorative elements and accessories since one of the main tasks – as much as possible to unload space.

Such styles of interior as high tech, minimalism, the loft, fusion, ecological style and ethno best of all will be suitable for the studio apartment. And here from such directions as Provence and especially classics, are better to refuse since their concept not absolutely successfully coincides with the idea of the studio apartment.

The opposite solution of space of the one-room apartment is exarticulation of the additional room at the expense of kitchen or the room. The problem of lack of the full-fledged bedroom, nursery or office is especially relevant. Transfer of the wall (which is not bearing, and after execution of all necessary documents) can become excellent way out. The easiest to unite part of the room with kitchen and the hall, and to fence off other part of the room to the certain room – the bedroom for itself or the child, office if you work at home much. In again formed room it is important to resolve issue with lighting since in most cases the room will appear without windows. But the kitchen will turn into the big modern living room with work kitchen area and recreation area. In it it will be possible both to have a rest and to have dinner, and to receive guests. The main thing not to forget to establish qualitative cooking hood. Besides, if in the room or in kitchen there is loggia, with its help it is possible to receive additional meters to the living room, having warmed and having united in single whole with the room. There you can organize zone for reading, office or lunch zone. The interior styles creating additional cosiness perfectly will be suitable for such re-planned apartment: Provence, rural, Scandinavian, classics, modernist style. But also the high tech, ethno style, the loft will be quite appropriate too.

If demolition and movement of walls – not your fad, or planning just does not allow to carry out it, then it is possible to make space of the small one-room apartment more convenient and functional at the expense of the built-in furniture. Such objects as wardrobe, numerous regiments for storage, computer table and even children's bed, it is possible to place on room perimeter, having closed them everything compartment doors. And to disguise doors under walls. The room space, of course, will become less, but it will be the most free from various ill-matched objects which create feeling of disorder and blocking up. Sofa, written table and curbstone under TV, the window giving a lot of light and warm carpet with long pile – here modest and elegant design of such apartment. And nobody the stranger will even guess that both the equipped office, and the children's bedroom, and the whole wardrobe is hidden in this simple and cozy room.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team