How to construct a family tree

How to construct a family tree

Creation of the family tree – business not only fascinating, but also very useful. First, it gives the chance to find unknown relatives, the lost information about the family and its history, and also allows to track any hereditary diseases or features throughout generations that is important at the solution of many medical problems. Independently to construct a family tree it is optional to be the expert in genealogy, it is enough to follow its certain principles.


1. In genealogy distinguish the ascending and descending family trees depending on the one who is an initial main person. Traditionally the majority of family trees are descending and are removed from the most ancient famous ancestor. But such family trees are difficult in construction, demand a lot of special information and special knowledge. Therefore far from archival work it is the simplest to person to create the ascending family tree of the family, beginning from themselves, the parents and gradually going deep into the past.

2. The family tree can be issued in three various ways: in the form of a genealogical tree, in the form of the table or in the form of generation painting. The choice of option generally depends on preferences of the creator, and also on availability of available information. The genealogical table is the schematic image of a sort including names and dates of life of his members. Tables can be constructed vertical, horizontal and even circular, it does not change an essence of their contents.

3. Faithfully and structure to the table a genealogical tree. In this case as its root will serve the founder of a sort, usually it is the most remote famous ancestor. And a trunk, leaves and krone – his descendants. The genealogical tree also contains in the basic only names and dates of life - death.

4. If it is a lot of information on members of a sort, it is more preferable to use generation painting in which it is possible to include some data to its registration. Generation painting is formed postrochno and every line in it is taken away for separate generation. Individual numbers which allow to avoid confusion when studying difficult marriage and family relations are assigned to all members of a sort.

5. Necessary information on members of a sort can be obtained as orally from living relatives of the senior generation, and from various documents. As archival sources records of acts LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY, parish registers of births, data of archives of state institutions and military archives, and also any documents containing concrete names, dates and names of the area are usually used.

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