What desktop gas-fire to choose

What desktop gas-fire to choose

Desktop plate - one of the most convenient household appliances popular in the country, at the dacha. Today the producer offers many options of country ""assistant"", however when choosing it is necessary to consider a number of factors.

The compactness and "mobility" of desktop gas-fire have caused its main place of use, - country house, giving. The choice of the similar equipment first of all depends on the number of "users", time of their stay at the dacha and the area of kitchen. The last factor is connected with the choice of model on number of rings; in close kitchen (up to 20 sq.m) it makes sense to install the four-ring gas device hardly. In addition, it is necessary to consider still set of the criteria affecting comfort of use of desktop gas-fire.

Any gas-fire is calculated on work with certain type of gas: main or "balloon" (propane-butane and its mixes). Usually the plate is calculated on connection to the main gas. If the pipeline in your area is absent or you are not connected to it, pay attention to complete set of the acquired device; with it surely there has to "be" special adapter jet allowing to operate plate at connection to standard gas cylinder.

The second what it is necessary to look at – product design. The enameled plates are cheaper than those that are made of stainless steel. However if it is supposed to take away constantly the device to the city, then it is better to get nevertheless plate from "stainless steel", - enamel is often chopped off, and the unprotected places quickly rust. Besides it is easier to wash stainless steel. The second moment defining the choice of design – availability of cover; it is required if long time do not use the device, otherwise the plate should be washed from dust at each arrival. Many producers offer plates with electroignition: too it is necessary to pay attention to it. If to electricity there are interruptions, then it is better to refuse purchase of the similar device; as an alternative it is possible to buy the device with pyezopodzhigy.

So-called universal plates are popular with summer residents; these devices have couple of rings calculated on connection of balloon gas and one electric "pancake". Very convenient thing if there are no interruptions in electricity. For fans of pies it is possible to advise desktop plate with oven. There are two options: the oven can work from gas or from electricity. In conclusion It should be noted that gas in plate will cost cheaper, than use of electricity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team